Excessive rewards: Giving up after 3 days because -1.5k food

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30 December, 2018, 8:14 AM UTC

Hey guys

I'm a new player, so this is my first impression. But since I'm leaving this game I wanted to tell you what I think.

I found the initial phase surprisingly okay, compared to similar games. With more units I always struggled with food which was kind of interesting.

But on day 2 I got the idea to spend a few $ on the Welcome Package. Not sure why it had a big discount, but it worked for me. It included numerous units that instantly decreased my food balance to -1.2k. 

Later that same day, due to the many raids and battles I was fighting from the beginning, and on the next day, I received numerous rewards that, surprisingly, included even more units, so that I ended up soon with a -1.5k food balance. I am level 23. It's pointless.

I've read today that you can disband units in the "Council Hall", but since I cannot build (or find) it, the game becomes unbalanced. I run in circles. I've heard that -1.5k food is not that bad, and that units constantly run your food barns dry. But, well, if this is true, then the game is even more pointless, isn't it?

I feel that this game is badly designed and balanced. It makes no sense what happened to me, and even if I would remove those additional units, it is not fun and it feels bad, and it annoys me greatly. I am also surprised about the flood of additional currency (in terms of game design, all kind of extra points, coins and medals, even different scrolls for research) that you soon lost track of. 

It's too bad though because I was looking for a browser strategy MMO with sort of good graphics, actually. 

Good luck to you guys, and enjoy! I'm done.

With best regards

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30 January, 2019, 7:06 PM UTC

I tell the people in my order the same thing im about to tell you. Learn to read your windows and click on icons. All of them. First If you open the Council Hall which is to the left of your palace do it when all your troops are not out farming. You will see a picture list of troop type in there so click on a picture and I think you will find what you are looking for. Spearmen consume food all levels of spearmen do that at different rates. If you are more into fighting maybe you should think about only creating 1 or 2 troop types from each level to balance your food consumption. Also why not eliminate a farm type say iron mines and put in more farms in their place if you like a lot of spearmen. you can farm iron for building. Balance in the game is created by you, your builds, your studies and a little bit of thought.

consumption goes like this

Spearmen - Food

Horse - stone

Ranged - wood 

Knights - Iron

Seige - Mixed

Back to clicking on pictures in your palace on the statistics tab you can click the food icon see how much food each building produces at their current level. You only need 1 iron mine or of each type  maxed to move palace levels so look at what always seems to have the highest amount of rss and maybe reduce that mine or farm type for another.

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