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Excessive "useless" rewards from Assailants and Apostates.

Excessive "useless" rewards from Assailants and Apostates.

Sep 27, 2018, 14:3009/27/18

Excessive "useless" rewards from Assailants and Apostates.

Have commented on the excessive numbers of "rewards" such as cancelled march,  low level jeweler's tongs and stamped paper. The quantity received in a series of attacks on assailants and apostates is  very unfair. 

If you do not plan on ever amending  these nuisances wastes of stamina and faith,  may I suggest to augment the town/citadel or kingdom with a marketplace where items can be exchanged in quantity to receive other items, boosts or gear.
Oct 5, 2018, 19:2710/05/18
I agree with you 100% The so-called rewards aren't even worth the time it takes to get them. Who needs 1-min or even 3-min boots, now 8-hr or even 15-hr boots would be something and how about candles as well. It is really hard to gather enough candles to increase the level of the inquisitor. We should be able to at least buy them with gold.
Oct 13, 2018, 16:1110/13/18
Marketplace for swapping or selling items is a GREAT idea!
Oct 14, 2018, 02:4210/14/18
for what you spend on stamina and inquiz juice I have to agree
Oct 24, 2018, 20:2710/24/18
I agree with you but the cash cow "Plarium" will continue to ignore it's players, as long as they make  as much money for as little work as possible it will continue just like failed shields, lag, embedments and a whole host of other problems that they will ask you to send screenshots of. their are a tidy number of us now who are actually boycotting  buying packs because  they have become  so worthless, the other thing they need to stop doing is increasing the price of your next purchase  and reducing the amount within the pack its self. If they carry on the way they are this game will be dead in 12 months !
Nov 3, 2018, 19:5111/03/18
This game is getting pretty sickening now, you pay exorbitant prices for boosts  that are getting weaker by the day ! When you  buy stamina and hit assailants  the rewards are almost as useless as a chocolate teapot, anyone who pays money for boosts in this game  are contributing  to a failing game  who's owners are ripping them off ! Just look at what you would have to spend to be able to defend yourself against an attacker. I think the time has long passed that Plarium  re think their position in the gaming world  and offered more value for money ! I have now purchased 4 x £8.99 packages and have not completed 1 gold lazurite a reward that is supposed to be common  and this is attacking assailants that are supposed to give it too Don't depend on me staying around because of friendships  either most of them are like me looking for a new game that is not created by Plarium . So time to  look at what your giving Plarium  or we will be gone  by Christmas
Dec 26, 2018, 16:5012/26/18
I agree...... I have LOTS of extra jewels and low level jeweler tongs which are worthless.  We should be able to sell these worthless items or use them at the Alchemy building.  Players should be allowed to combine jeweler tongs for better jeweler tongs.
Jan 13, 2019, 22:4501/13/19
Dave Sadler .. I know it's been months but why are you posting in here complaining about the game? If it's that bad then quit you don't need to parade in the forum about it. :)
Jan 13, 2019, 22:4601/13/19
Also, as to the OP I agree wholeheartedly. I think the drop rate for crap is kind of ridiculous. Materials should be easier to get imo.
Mar 14, 2019, 18:5603/14/19
Its still a problem. Maybe they don't GAF? It doesn't mitigate the importance of the problem
Mar 15, 2019, 14:1203/15/19
Agree with the others.  Rewards for hitting expensive assailants and apostates can be rather sad.  If I get another simple jewelers tong I'm going to scream!  If we are going to get so many, at least let us combine them like we do with materials/gems/runes.  Then at least they could be worth something.  But of course, that would reduce the need to buy more expensive tongs, so it will not happen, imo.
Dec 12, 2019, 23:2312/12/19

Have to agree.  I attacked a Alpha and got level 1 and 2 items.  Next day attacked a level 4 and got 2 simple things.

This is why everyone tends to attack Lv1, Lv6, or Alpha Assailants.  Why bother with the others when you are guaranteed to get a level 1 item by attacking a level 1 A&A (Assailant and Apostate).  It may take slightly longer but you know what you get by killing Lv1's.

If the programmers want to see and even removal of all A&A's they will have to adjust this so you will get 2nd level items by attacking a 2nd level A&A.

If they are concerned then make it like the following:

Level - Items

Lv1 = Lv1, Lv2 (1%)

Lv2 = Lv1 (18%), Lv2 (80%), Lv3 (2%)

Lv3 =  Lv2 (17%), Lv3 (80%), Lv4 (3%)

Lv4 = Lv3 (16%), Lv4 (80%), Lv3 (4%)

Lv5 = Lv4 (15%), Lv5 (80%), Lv3 (5%)

Lv6 = Lv5 (15%), Lv6 (80%), Item Reward (5%)

Alpha = Lv5(10%), Lv6 (85%), Item Reward (5%)

Item rewards can include Glittering Dust, Hero Crystals, Sulfurum, Pearls, Empire Ignots, A Candle

If you want to make it interesting place the following items with the following levels:

Level = Item

Lv1 = The smallest stamina/faith boost or 1 day VIP

Lv2 = Royal Edicts x10

Lv3 = Drafts x10

Lv4 = Grants x?

Lv5 = Platinum x?

Lv6 = Hero Crystals, Candles x5

Alpha = Glittering Dust, Sulfurum, Empire Ingots, or Pearls x10

This will change the % to something like this:

Lv1 = Lv1(95%), Lv2 (1%) , Item (9%)

Lv2 = Lv1 (10%), Lv2 (80%), Lv3 (2%) , Item (8%)

Lv3 = Lv2 (10%), Lv3 (80%), Lv4 (3%) , Item (7%)

Lv4 = Lv3 (10%), Lv4 (80%), Lv3 (4%) , Item (6%)

Lv5 = Lv4 (10%), Lv5 (80%), Lv3 (5%) , Item (5%)

Lv6 = Lv5 (10%), Lv6 (80%), Item Reward (10%)

Alpha = Lv5(5%), Lv6 (85%), Item Reward (10%)

This might make hunting different assailants more even.
Jan 12, 2020, 13:2601/12/20


I agree with the discussions of crap items. Good Idea is the to combine the low level jeweler tongs or rune extractors. I asked also support abt the vip points you get if you hit apos/assaillants... they dont add to your account after vip lvl 30 which is unfair... this vip coins should also be added and with that coins you should able to exchange in items (rss, materials, boosts or whatever else).

Hope some one of the dev team of Plarium will read this…


Lady Dahlia