Tier VI: storms, strife, and sea monsters

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9 April, 2019, 10:01 AM UTC

Across the ocean from Amaria lies the Southern Archipelago, a harsh place where honor and duty have long been forgotten. The barons who rule these islands constantly wage war for their most precious asset – the land. In their fight for power, they have destroyed peaceful settlements and endlessly raised taxes for the ordinary people.

The barons' crimes needed to be stopped, and so a group of warriors, calling themselves the Storm Brotherhood, launched a rebellion. Unfortunately, the attempted coup failed. Many warriors died and those who survived sailed to the north-west. According to merchants' tales, that is where the strong and noble Lords now live... 

Tritons are warriors who show great skill in wielding heavy harpoons. Whalers once used an early form of this weapon, the heavy tip of which could easily pierce the whales' thick skin. One spear-wielding warlord realized that an improved harpoon could penetrate even heavy armor, and so warriors who fought with this weapon became a serious threat to knights and cavalry. 

Leviathans command their horses' obedience because they train the foals from birth. Until their deaths, man and beast are inseparable; some warriors spend more time with horses than with people. In battle, they work together flawlessly as a well-oiled machine. 

Once, the Siren goddess's high priestess tried to brew a new potion, but the mixture she had created exploded when heated. She shared her discovery with the engineers and together they invented deadly handguns, arquebuses. The priestess learned how to wield the weapon and shared the art with the templar handmaidens. Thus, the sisterhood of Sea Witches was founded. 

Every Nautilus comes from a noble dynasty. The ultimate goal of these warriors is to surpass the deeds of their ancestors, and so the Nautiluses were the first to propose the idea of leaving their home archipelago. What could be more ambitious than to venture overseas in search of power that their fathers had never even dreamed of? 

The Kraken is the most powerful siege weapon ever, named after the supreme god of the Southern Archipelago. Traditionally, the first shot from each new cannon is directed into the ocean; the cannonball serves as a kind of offering to the Kraken god. The warriors believe that he can make their weapons even stronger and increase their effectiveness in combat. 

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