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Interview with top-5 Offence player Bathomaly

Interview with top-5 Offence player Bathomaly

Oct 26, 2017, 14:3410/26/17

Interview with top-5 Offence player Bathomaly

Lords, read the new interview with the player who made it into the Offense top 5 for last week! Today Bathomaly from Canada has answered our questions!

Name: Adam Giles

Date of birth: Oct 3rd, 1989

Location: Newfoundland, Canada

Order: (T-H-T) The Hated Trio

Kingdom: K1 Brookenheim

Total time in the game: 8 weeks

Enemy warriors destroyed: 87,629,299

What you're proud of: My life, no matter where you end up you got to be proud of the journey.

Super ability (you would like to have/already have): Well, why go small, I’d want to control time. The ability to pause, fast forward, and rewind time. Who doesn't want or sometimes need more time in a day, or to be able to rewind only 5 seconds to stop yourself from sending that march.

Hobbies: Ball hockey, humour, all around dadding.

Likes: Long walks on the beach... wrong kind of interview. Sports, tv shows, my wife, she's pretty great.

Dislikes: Top of the list... inconsiderate people, snow, Christmas.

Favorite food: Pho, hands down.

Favorite song: “In Your Atmosphere” by John Mayer.

T - Throne: Kingdom At War

B - Bathomaly

T.: Tell us the story behind your nickname.

B.: Well, for as long as I can remember I have been Bathers, just to be clear it has nothing to do with washing of bodies. It comes from Medal of Honor on PlayStation. You were always called Sgt. Baker and I liked the name but I knew it was too plain. So I decided to swap the "k" for a "th" and it stuck. Since coming to Throne, Rabbit and Luci from Aphx (got to represent) started calling me the anomaly, due to my playing style. I was only a small player but I was racking up points in Kingdoms and Orders Wars like a madman much larger than my size. So my name morphed from Bathers to Bathomaly.

T.: Do you think it's possible to become a top player without a team and emerge victorious in all Tournaments on your own?

B.: I actually have had time on my own in Throne, these past few weeks. In some events I could emerge victorious but not without a lot of boosters, energy, and time. But you wouldn't be able to sustain yourself or that play style for very long. You need your Order mates to carry the load when you're not around, or when you’re unable to spend every waking second in game. However, even if you could win everything solo, why would you want to? Throne has given me the chance to meet many great people, Rissa ;), and without the social aspect, I doubt many would play as long as they do. The victory is great but even better when you have people to celebrate it with.

T.: How much time do you spend in the game every day?

B.: That's a hard one since I'm a pop-in pop-out kinda guy since I'm able to get on and off at work. Then depending on if Orders or Kingdoms Wars are on. But looking at my start date Sept 9th last year and my total time in game I average 3.5 hours a day. Makes sense, 15 mins here, 15 there.

Like if you enjoyed the answers. Write the questions you would ask the strongest players in the comments.

Mar 25, 2018, 16:5203/25/18

Do you order have issues of inactive players who don't contribute points in tournaments or resources to the citadel?  If yes, how do you deal with inactive players?   

Do you feel at times that you must carry the load to win in Order vs. Order war due to inactivity among players in your order?  If yes, then how does it make you feel?

Finally, what keeps you inteterested and motivated to continue to play the game of Throne Kingdom at War?

Dec 15, 2018, 01:4412/15/18

Ciao scusa il guaio Sono nuovo di questo gioco Mi piacerebbe capire come ti muovi e cosa devi fare, potresti aiutarmi per favore? Puoi mandarmi un aiuto che possa servirmi? Sarò felice di subentrare ...... Grazie.

Dec 15, 2018, 01:4512/15/18

Hello excuse the trouble I'm new to this game I would like to understand how you move and what you have to do, could you help me please? Can you send me help that can serve me? I'il be happy to take over...... Thank you.