Interview with top-5 Offence player Ƙ۷Ƙ-Ƈɧąơʂ-Ƙ۷Ƙ

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6 October, 2017, 1:59 PM UTC

Lords, read the new interview with the player who made it into the Offense top 5 for last week! Today Ƙ۷Ƙ-Ƈɧąơʂ-Ƙ۷Ƙ from the USA will answer our questions!

Name: Ƙ۷Ƙ-Ƈɧąơʂ-Ƙ۷Ƙ.

Location: USA.

Order: Death by Сговор.

Kingdom: Kost-Kossen.

Total time in the game: 15 weeks.

Enemy warriors destroyed: 620,731,933 (and climbing).

What you're proud of: Proud to be part of my team.

Super ability (you would like to have/already have): Would like to be able to drop shields.

Hobbies: Being outdoors in my jeep hunting and fishing.

Likes: People with good values.

Dislikes: Rush hour traffic.

Favorite food: Seefood (I see food and I eat it).

Favorite song: Country Music.

T - Throne: Kingdom At War

С - Chaos

T.: Tell us the story behind your nickname.

C.: I create Chaos with my enemy, and I only fight other kingdoms.

T.: Which Order is the mightiest, in your opinion? Would you challenge them or avoid battles with them?

C.: We are definitely in the top group, the Death Dealerz, The Love Boat, and the Russian order from Forester are strong, several others as well, I welcome a good battle with any of them.

T.: Do you have special attack tactics? Tell us what you do first. Maybe you perform some unique ritual?

C.: I do have many special tactics... BUT I'M NOT TELLING YOU!

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7 October, 2017, 7:39 AM UTC

Country Music! 

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