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Interview with DA Silly

Interview with DA Silly

Aug 30, 2017, 14:4908/30/17

Interview with DA Silly

Friends, today we have an unusual interview!

We got the chance to talk to the vlogger DA Silly ( who does video reviews of different games, including Throne: Kingdom at War. We asked him to talk about the creative process behind his videos, the history of his YouTube channel's development, and the most interesting moments connected with the game!

T. – Throne: Kingdom at War

D. – DA Silly (ArrowGM)

T.: Tell us about yourself: what is your name? Where are you from? How did you start your journey in the Throne: Kingdom at War universe?

D.: My name in real life is Valentins, but in game I am known as ArrowGM (GM stands for Game Master). I am from Latvia and my beginning for this game was the same as always, a friend said, "If you like Vikings: War of Clans, then you will be interested in Throne: Kingdom at War." With the help of my friend, I got into the top Order for YouTube content creation.

T.: What does your nickname “DA Silly” mean?

D.: DA Silly Group is a thing what me and 3 of my friends came up with, but now I am on my own. DA stands for "that," so you would say "That Silly Group" would be the correct name for us.

T.: Tell our readers what drew your attention to Throne: Kingdom at War?

D.: My attention was caught by its similarity to Vikings and as I had made a lot of content on that and built a strategy, I decided to play Throne just for testing purposes – testing my suggestions, ideas and fighting style. In addition, I had a Peace Shield in Vikings for the next 4 months, so I couldn’t fight there, that is why Throne was a perfect opportunity for me.

T.: Can you give three main reasons why Throne: Kingdom at War is worth playing?

D.: 3 reasons:

• It is fast to lvl up

• There are a lot of strategies for you to use and any playing style is good

• A lot of tutorials and suggestions have been made for an easy path to victory (nothing is easy)

T.: We know that you are quite a well-known vlogger. How did you get started in this hobby? Do other Order members know about your hobby? Does this fact affect their attitudes towards you?

D.: I am not good at vlogs. I started doing them just for notification purposes. If I talk about my content, I decided that everyone is making videos on mobile games using microphone and game video only, so I wanted to add something extra to that and that is why I use a camera for videos as well. It’s interesting… Isn’t it? :). Our Order members were happy that I was making videos about our Order and games in Throne. They gave a couple of suggestions for video content and it was fun working with them. They also kept asking when the next video would be out. But now everything is over.

T.: What motivates you to make videos on YouTube?

D.: My motivation is simple – if I like it, I do it! If I can, I will continue. If I can’t do anything about it, then it is over. But, honestly, the main reason is to make people happy and communicate with the public. That is all I want.

T.: Does it take much time to shoot, edit and upload videos?

D.: It depends on the content. If it’s a tutorial and it is a long one (around 10 min), then it might take 1 hour to record, just to record it with a phone, voice capture and camera as well (3 devices). Editing would take from 2 to 4 hours just to make it look nice and sound okay and make some small cuts. Uploading takes from 2 to 5 min maximum, because of the Internet speed. If it is a small video (around 3 min) with dedicated content, for example music video with advertising for the Order or something like that, it would take around 1 day to prepare everything or maybe up to a week, depending on the content, recording will take from several hours up to a couple of days. Editing takes maximum 1 day, but uploading will be fast. The biggest problem with that is a lack of ideas.

T.: Have your channel's subscribers ever contacted you in the game and asked you for advice?

D.: My subscribers gave me good ideas and items for content many times, they provided me with information and asked questions directly in the comments under the videos. They helped me to clarify all misunderstandings and gave me a chance to correct anything I’d said wrong. They also used Line app to contact me directly as well as in the game.

T.: Can you remember a funny moment connected with a review of Throne: Kingdom at War?

D.: The funniest things were all about my Order members – our time, joy and everything we did together. It was a great time + jokes! You have to experience it by yourself in order to understand what it’s like to have an Order, to have a family.

T.: What would you wish for the Lords who have recently joined the universe of Throne: Kingdom at War?

D.: Be nice to everyone and find yourself a nice family to fit in. Don’t be rude and just try to have fun :)

T.: What are your other interests besides the game? Chess, drawing, sports? Please tell us.

D.: My hobbies are the guitar, piano, singing, shooting (handgun), but mainly music. Also in my free time I love to go play Airsoft with friends. It's great fun and healthy.

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