Plarium!! 3 Days as nothing

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1 September, 2019, 1:11 PM UTC

Ok i know you all know the game is ether not working or runs like crap. Plarium had told us nothing about whats going on. This post is mostly for them. 

When will it be fix? give us a time line or just say we dont know. The people that pay your bills want to know something. Or do something to get the game going, do a roll back to before it was unplayable, and yes i know a lot of us would not like that but we could get on and play the game and thats is what most of us want anyway.

Im an old World of Warcraft player and when you do a patch and it fucks up like this you need to give more info then this about your game or your player will take there money and go to some other game and spend it there.

OK im done bitching later all
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