server down again tonight?

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10 July, 2019, 12:29 AM UTC
server down again cannot connect with browser or app second day in a row .
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10 July, 2019, 3:14 AM UTC

Try a proxy.

Was experiencing the same. [But wasn't at time of report of same in thread just before yours.]

Even with proxy it was problematic until I found the right country. Canada, US, UK, all failed. France too, I think. Would have tried Russia or Israel next, but the problems seem to have been fixed by then.

If a proxy fixes it, the problem is with your provider (getting saturated), or your provider's provider, or your provider's provider's provider ...

i.e. Somewhere between you an Plarium, some piece of equipment is overloaded and dropping your packets. [Overloaded in the sense of that particular link between them and the next hop up. Not all traffic / that entire piece of equipment itself.]

- i.e. If anyone is able to get in, the problem is not with Plarium itself, but something between you and them. And beyond their ability to control or fix.

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