Bug -- Building:Gemmery Storeroom Tab

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16 May, 2019, 4:17 AM UTC

There is a bug in the Building:Gemmery/Storeroom tab.

  1. Select a jewel to fuse and make sure it can be auto-fused (no boost needed to finish fusing).  The jewel must be in the lower portion of the window, so that you have to scroll down. 
  2. Fuse the jewel: 
    - Double click on the jewel to fuse. 
    - The Jewel info window will display.  Select "Fuse".
  3. Bug will manifest:  After selecting "Fuse", the Storeroom window will display, however it will refresh so that the scroll bar will end up at the top of the window, causing the user to lose their position in the Storeroom window.  The expected behavior is that upon returning to the Storeroom window, the scrollbar would remain in the same position, (similar to the Building:Workshop/Materials window after combining materials) so that the user can easily go back to the same jewel to further upgrade it, if necessary, or continue scrolling down to the next jewel.
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