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Buildings (description from FAQ)

Buildings (description from FAQ)

May 18, 2017, 13:2005/18/17

Buildings (description from FAQ)

Construction and upgrades

By constructing and upgrading buildings, you get points of Power and additional opportunities for further development of the Town. Each building has its own set of functions which can be increased with each new level. You can construct and upgrade buildings for game resources and Gold as well.

Building types

The Palace is the main building in Town and the Lord's residence. Here you can view Town statistics. Upgrade the Palace in order to be able to upgrade other buildings.

The Academy allows you to conduct Studies that are necessary for Town development and strengthening the Lord’s influence.

The Council Hall – upgrade this building in order to increase the number of marches performed simultaneously.

The Inn allows you to receive reinforcements from your Order Lords and defines the maximum number of warriors in reinforcement troops that you can host in your Town.

The Outpost alerts you in case of enemy attack and helps you to search for locations on the Kingdom map.

The Treasury helps to shelter some amount of Town resources from enemy attacks.

The Wall adds a bonus to army defense in your Town.

The Workshop allows you to craft armor and weapons for your Hero, which increase their personal characteristics and the fighting skills of the warriors under their command.

The Port allows you to exchange resources with other Order Lords. By upgrading the Port you can increase cart speed and reduce the tax for sending resources.

The Barracks is where your warriors are trained. Upgrading the Barracks increases the number of warriors that can be trained simultaneously.

In the Manor you can view information about your Hero – statistics and available equipment. Upgrading this building will increase the experience your Hero gains.

The Infirmary allows you to heal warriors who were injured defending your Town. Here you can also resurrect warriors who have fallen in battles outside your Town for Gold.

The total capacity of Infirmaries depends on their level and quantity: the greater the number of Infirmaries, the more warriors will go there and be healed after battles.

In the event of a failed defense of your Town, injured warriors are sent to the Infirmaries in the Healing tab. If the Infirmary capacity is less than the army, go to the Resurrection tab and you can resurrect for Gold 70% of the warriors that don’t end up in the Healing section. In addition, you can delete some warriors from the healing list and make space for more valuable warriors.

In the Infirmary you can also resurrect for Gold some warriors who have fallen in battles outside your Town:

  • In battles in other Lords’ Towns 
  • In battles for resource locations 
  • Fighting in Assailants’ Camps 
  • Attacking and defending the Eternal Stronghold

Resurrection has no capacity limits. Over the course of a week you can get back 70% of your warriors that have fallen in battles outside your Town. Resurrection is performed instantly and only for Gold.

The Military Camp allows you to form and participate in Raids – joint attacks by Lords of one Order on the Towns of other Lords.

The Gemmery allows you to fuse jewels and runes, which help you improve the Hero’s equipment bonuses. To enhance Legendary equipment, upgrade the building to level 21.

The Farm, Lumber Mill, Stone Quarry, Mine and House are buildings where you can produce Food, Lumber, Stone, Iron and Silver that are essential for each Town. They also increase the maximum amount of resources stored in the Town. Note: upgrading Houses speeds up warrior training.

The capacity of all resource buildings is limited. If the limit is exceeded, the production of the resource is stopped. It will be restored when the amount of this resourсe is less than the maximum capacity.

For example, there are 10 level 1 Lumber Mills in your Town, and their maximum capacity is 10,000 Lumber. Upon reaching this resource limit, the Lumber Mills stop producing Lumber, but this does not apply to resources that are obtained by any other means. So, if you get 10,000 Lumber extra in the Loggers Camp on the Kingdom map or by pillaging resources from another Lord’s Town, the amount of Lumber will be totaled after your troop returns to the Town. The total amount will be 20,000 units.

The production of Lumber is restored as soon as the amount of this resource in your Town is less than 10,000 units.


May 18, 2017, 13:3805/18/17

I like pictures from this game. 

Mar 27, 2018, 14:4003/27/18
How do you get the black vampire castle?
Mar 28, 2018, 20:4803/28/18
0x00000005 said:

How do you get the black vampire castle?
Can you add screen of what castle you're talkind about please?
Mar 28, 2018, 20:4903/28/18
Part of Town skins you can get from reaching checkpoints in Tournaments
Mar 29, 2018, 13:5503/29/18

0x00000005 said:

How do you get the black vampire castle?

Castle 'skins' are called Townscapes.

I expect you are talking about Black Castle, only available via packs. Wednesdays and Thursdays, Glorious Wednesday! and Wednesday Advantage!, in this case, IIRC.

Eagle's Nest is the other pack Townscape - you'll know it when you see it. Happy Friday! packs.

Villein Abode is available in game, and can land on you as a reward.

Tower of Triumph comes when your Order wins an OvO.

Villein Abode - boosts resources.

Tower of Triumph adds various boosts such as for studying, building, or training.

Eagle's Nest - similar but bonus %'s lower, adds Hero and Scout bonuses.

Black Castle offers none of the above, instead boosting troops, particularly on offense.


Apr 25, 2018, 20:3404/25/18
Should add to the guide
Mar 20, 2019, 20:1303/20/19
which townscape provide "capacity bonus... i asked fb throne page moderator , i hope i get a positive reply
Mar 21, 2019, 20:3403/21/19

Jake said:

Part of Town skins you can get from reaching checkpoints in Tournaments

Adding to the knowledge within this thread ...

Only Villein Abode. (And) Tower of Triumph comes from winning OvO.

(Eagle's Nest and Black Castle come from packs.)

Many day (and week) [Villeins] result. Arguably, no excuse for not having this on at all times. (Newbies.) The capacity bonus (50%) alone makes it worthwhile.

- except ... reveals that you are active within a week'ish (as do shields), which you may not want, in particular circumstances. e.g. Setting traps.

Mar 21, 2019, 20:4603/21/19

Chien Noel said:

which townscape provide "capacity bonus... i asked fb throne page moderator , i hope i get a positive reply

Essentially, only Villein abode.

Tower of Triumph does too / equally, but they can be rarer, and only last 5 days. You will want to use them sparingly, particularly for large builds and studies.

Black Castle adds 5%, which is negligible - so capacity is not a reason to turn it on. Seems Eagle's Nest offers nothing.

Both Black Castle and Eagle's Nest off 25% marching bonus, which can be a desirable thing.

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