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18 June, 2018, 9:28 AM UTC

How to upgrade more building simultaneously.

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18 June, 2018, 1:55 PM UTC

Hello! By using the Hire Craftsman item, you can start two building upgrade or construction processes at once. It will allow you to develop your Town much faster. You can purchase the Hire Craftsman item as part of special Bank offers for 1, 7 or 30 days. If you apply the second Hire Craftsman item while the first one has already been activated, their duration periods are added together. For example, if the Hire Craftsman for 7 Days has been used, then the Hire Craftsman for 30 Days item is also used, their total duration is 37 days.

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16 February, 2019, 1:53 AM UTC

thanks all

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16 February, 2019, 4:23 AM UTC

You can't, really. Claims to the contrary are specious.

Suppose you hire a craftsman for 30 days, and start two buildings that take longer. Whoopee, a whole two buildings at once. And you can't build anything during, except with gold. And the craftsman will expire long before you can start the next building.

Suppose they only take a short time  - not much time difference running one after another, and you haven't wasted gold on an expensive craftsman.

The only real way to build faster is to have lots of boosts on hand and use them.

Do wait for the game bonuses for study or build and boost bonuses. During an event for which you get points for doing so - e.g. OvO or KIvKr.

Have lots of rss on hand and do a run. Looks for packs with a couple years or more of boosts in them.

Note that order help is 1% of the outstanding time, not the original time. So if you boost something down to one day, then the max off is 30% of one day. If you start something, and let the order help happen first, you get 30% of that declining balance. So a 40w build will have a max order help of about .3 x 40w, or about 12w. So, when you do a run, save the longest build for last and don't boost it. Yet. Try to work it to end during one of these events. Between start and then will likely be another 10% bonus to boosts day - boost it then (after all order help is in).

10% off study or build days, with no 10% boost bonuses, can be good days to start such a build.

Make sure to keep some building or studies low so you can use gold to get into an event during long builds. e.g. Military Camp. e.g. Say your order goes on a building binge during OvO, but you're on a long one that won't end in time. Spend a couple k on a Camp upgrade to get in on the bonuses. Your time will come and you will return the favour when your builds do complete during a subsequent event.

Craftsman are far too expensive for the little value they bring. Buy 4 other packs with boosts for the same costs, and probably be further ahead.

Remember that it is only the last few levels of something that bring real benefit. e.g. If there are 10 levels, you need to get to level 8 for real benefit. See https://throne.help.

Each level brings little benefit, it is only after quite some time of continuous building before you find any real effect. Negated by the fact that everyone else is doing the same thing - if you don't keep up, hits hurt more; if you do keep up they still hurt, just not as badly.

Don't worry about armor until you can hit level VI assailants, cheaply - armor is far too expensive to repeat. So don't build until you can do legendary, and don't worry until then. You will be shielded most of the time, so it won't matter. Equally, Inquisitor doesn't much matter, but it does give you extra slots to hang jewels off of. Again, wait for legendary jewels.


- you will want several sets of armor, e.g. Build, Study, Battle, Assailant. Each will get their own profiles. Focus Assailant first as it makes everything else cheaper. Then Build - there are so many studies, of such expense and duration, that you will want the biggest farms you can get as soon as you can. (Months.)

- Build and Study jewels are from Alphas, so if you can't get 12 Legendary off them during the week they are around, load up what rare or epic jewels you have in the mean time to get the boosts available. When they come around again beat upon them until you get a Legendary, swap it in to an empty slot or for one of your other jewels. Rinse, repeat. (12 x 10% off a 4 year study adds up.)

Summary: Craftsmen are a pointless expensive waste vis a vis boosts. [Not much difference between boosting two builds simultaneously, and doing the same consecutively.]


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