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Arena Defense

Jan 18, 2021, 06:4401/18/21

Arena Defense

Is there a guide for Arena defense? I can't find one.

What is best to use ??

Ann Castlebane with Castle Equipment or Castlebane with your strongest troop equipment?

What if you don't have Castlebane yet? May be the Inquisitor that matches your strongest defense troops with their gear.

Link or thoughts please.

Jan 18, 2021, 06:5101/18/21
Jan 18, 2021, 07:50(edited)

I have seen no such guide, but their Discord server is the best place to seek such guidance.  

Some thoughts on this I have seen to date are:

  • Go with the strongest troops you have.
  • Castle Equipment is much preferred. (For Castle location battles.)
  • Don't upgrade your Arena until you are able to entirely overwhelm and dominate incoming Foreign Troops. [Raising Arena makes Championships much more expensive in terms of gem dust, many more powerful players in order are needed for each higher level, and other players looking for ToA will be attacking you as well - you want to survive them long enough to be still able to beat upon the Foreign troops and win that OvO category.]
  • If your OvO opponent is not Citadel 4, you only need to kill 1 Foreign troop to win that (and probably total troop count) category - 1 player sending 100 or 1k troops should kill at least 1 Foreign troop. No point providing fodder for them to kill beyond that. [Unless you have the strong players to completely dominate the incoming Foreign troops, and are still looking for ToA's.]

Note that the same gems / runes apply to each, per your troop type and posture.

Also recognize that there are 2 'postures', depending upon what you are doing at the time - defensive, and offensive. [Some have argued to always use defensive - you kill less, but you also die less. Bearing in mind being zeroed and overwhelmed is going to happen no matter what you wear, if they have x times as many troops as you send.](This is why March Headcount boosts are important, as are Raid Headcount boosts, if you're attacking the ES.)

I have also seen reminders of - don't forget about your Cardinal. [You want them for the Achievement, anyways.]

And, corresponding Alchemical Lab. troop upgrades are quite impactful, they say.

Jan 18, 2021, 07:1501/18/21
1190  has also been pointed out to me. YMMV.  is also out there - but doesn't specifically answer / relate to your question. Good for helping to consume answers you do get, though.

Jan 18, 2021, 07:5001/18/21

Many thanks WWO...

Helpful as always!!!

Jan 26, 2021, 13:0001/26/21

some add ons 

- you dont have the possibility to join defending arena through a raid; only solo marches can be sent. so indeed march boost are vital here (so was 640 % , even more now the newest 3250% ) 

- the total capacity is now up to 310m troops ; except some top roders it is unlikely you lose anything if you smarlty fill in. with all due respect, a 1T order or less, with still many people under palace 35 or not having ann yet : dont send 30 marches without hero, those will die 

- also,  (but again it depends on the overall status of an order, hard to give a one size fits all advise) worth remembering that if you practice the 'last secund defense' (= not filling in the arena, but coordinating sending your troops 1-2 sec before the NPC arrives) you can choose which one you defend. in other words being an arena L4 does not oblige you to defend all types of NPC. even in big orders it is often seen that at some point the last one to run it, stops, as it got enough points from attacking the order which ran the Anrena first and by doing (ex) 15/20 marches of their own (they stop to avoid being hit and giving back their score advantage). 

- finally, it is also a non sense to not go for the arena or most of it if your opoonent does not have a citadel L4 ; excep tthe rare case where you would face 4 giants jumping for other reasons and landing in an non -maxed citadel order that would destroy you, it is unlikely an order with citadel L3 has the capacity to fight. All goes along so if they aren't L4 arena, they are most likely also behind in many fighting areas. 

Besides , up to the last update of the game, trophies are the 'most wanted' item if you play the game as fighter so instead of sparing yourself with a safe win, grab each opportunity to gain trophies. Trophies will bring you more on a long term basis than the tower of triumph from OVO win or the satisfaction of clean ovo win stats :)