Meaning abbreviations KvK OvO Nap CvC

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23 June, 2019, 4:20 PM UTC

Is There anyone who can explain exactly the meanings of the abbreviations and thoughts behind them (why they are used)

Im playing Throne KaW and my first (much older kingdom used this differently?






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23 June, 2019, 10:00 PM UTC

> Im playing Throne KaW and my first (much older kingdom used this differently?

How did they use them? (Helps us contrast current use for you.)

Much of this is English based.

KvK - Kingdom vs Kingdom - occur every weekend. Every other week called KvKr (in various variations) for KvK Retribution.

OvO - Order vs Order

NaP - Non-Aggression Pact (mutual agreement to not attack each other). Often written as PnP (Pacte de non Aggression, IIRC).

- note that this is not the same as allies (which mutually agree when one is attacked all will respond, a la NATO, and when one attacks, all will attack.)

- and this is different than:

= an order declaring k-wide NAP

= an order declaring no tile hits. Often this is in accompaniment to a k agreeing to same, and the k agreeing to demolish anyone of the same k who violates this. Note that this does not mean during inter-k (including inter-o) events that all will attack foreigner tile hitters.

CvC - IIRC, a non-English equivalent to KvK or OvO. Could be 'Citadel', but I don't suspent so.

The real and best answers to your question are your Order's and Kigdom's conventions.

Join the biggest order you can. Toute de suite. They will be able to answer these questions better and faster in Order and Kingdom chat.

Which is to say: The meaning of any term depends entirely upon how everyone else in your Order and Kingdom choose to collectively interpret them. That's not being trite - 'allies', especially, only means NaP in many contexts, and often not that if one Order chooses to wage war on another their allies will also.

Similarly, intra-k NAP can mean no crossing another Order's borders for any reason whatsoever. Not to farm unordered towns within them, not to farm non-town tiles within them, and sometimes not to attack Assailants within them. Depends upon your k's conventions. (For us, farm our non-town tiles and hit our assailants all you like - better for us [nearby tiles to farm], and there are lots of each all around. We will do the same.)

Only with mutual agreement (especially cross-language) as to what terms mean, do Order Info's become reliable. Preventing a lot of good fruit from being pointlessly pulped.

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