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7 March, 2019, 2:26 AM UTC
i am a councelor   how do i demote myself
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7 March, 2019, 3:31 AM UTC

It seems that you can't, only the Master can.

Counsellors can change the rank (and other things) of any order member below Counsellor. (And so, not other Counsellors.) [Thus if you're a Counsellor, you're safe from the vagaries of other players. And can undo things other Counsellors do.]

For such, when you go Order / Membership, and click in the blank area of a member, i.e. not the picture / icon at the left, up will come a 'Order member menu' box:

(Order member picture / icon and details.)

If you aren't a Counsellor, you don't see the red 'Expel from Order' or 'Change rank' buttons above.

Members you can click on have a

at the far right.

Other Counsellors and the Master have this, and you will notice if you click on them that the red buttons above are not present.

Strangely, you don't have the above > on your own name, so clicking on your own name has no effect.

[If you could, I've no idea if the above red buttons would be present. :) ]

{Notes: You can go nuts looking for a negative, e.g. Red Buttons, or clicking on member picture, thus these notes.}

Short of getting the Master to demote you, I suppose the only way to stop being a Counsellor is to leave the order. Then rejoining.

(If you were still a Counsellor to add yourself ... )


- add another member.

- make them a Counsellor.

- leave the Order yourself.

- have that Counsellor re-add you.

- have that Counsellor leave the Order.


- you will lose your Order Points, so spent them before you leave the Order.

- you will have an extra town on the map no longer in use, so move them somewhere appropriate.

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