Aliens of Storm-fall , Chapter 2

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20 February, 2017, 4:29 PM UTC

Aliens of Storm-fall , Chapter 2

Its been months since the Aliens have settled in the Russian territories and the Russian population over there are close at being totally wiped out but we will not be talking about the Russians today. As things are starting to get into motion in Shellvader's castle.

Shellvader: I am the great, the most powerful, the most..

Mindtrix: Here is your tea my lady.

Shellvader: Perfect, just in time, thank you.

Mindtrix: Your most welcomed, but have you heard the latest news my lady?

Shellvader: Not really, did something happened? (While drinking her tea)

Mindtrix: The Nexus posted a $5000 reward for finding the whereabouts of his beloved War Elephant named Dumbo

(Spits the tea out of her mouth and spills it all over Mindtrix)

Shellvader: WHAT? Where is it?

Mindtrix: Let me at least clean myself, my lady.

Shellvader: Sorry, but do you've any idea where we can find that meddlesome animal?

Mindtrix: Supposedly, it was last seen in the Spanish league area.

Shellvader: Perfect, we can go over there and greet the Spanish there too while we are at it

Mindtrix: Pardon me, my lady. Why are we going there?

Shellvader: Why silly? We are going on an exclusive mission: SEARCH AND DESTROY THAT ELEPHANT!!!

Mindtrix: Is that really necessary?

Shellvader: Of course, Nexus has troubled me for too long with his War Elephant. Now, if only i can manage to kill it, its like killing half of Nexus soul. Prepare for immediate departure, we are heading to the Spanish leagues!

Mindtrix: At once, my lady!

Shellvader: Have also our lazier cannons ready to greet the Spanish in the Alien way of course.

Mindtrix: As you wish.

At Nexus castle were things will start to take into motion...

Nexus: The Nexus wants to know which of you can help me find dumbo?

Norm: My lord, with my magical crystal ball, i can see all things, i will find your precious elephant for you.

Ako: What an outdated method? You expect to find our lords beloved elephant that way!! I will find it using the power of vision!

Norm: My crystal magic is far superior to your fake visions!!

Nexus: The Nexus doesn't care just find dumbo.

Norm: My lord, I am trying but my crystal ball isn't showing anything yet. I will keep trying so don't worry.

Nexus: The Nexus wonders about Ako, any lucky in finding Dumbo?

Ako: My lord, I see a vision, the Russian are dying... too many refuges ...they need aid... food

Nexus: The Nexus does not care about that, what about dumbo? Do you see him?

Ako: I see a pig no wait false alarm, i see dumbo ...he is near the Spanish area...ah my eyes, the visions are too strong (covers his eyes for a few moments and than removes them only to see blood dripping from his eyes)

Nexus: The Nexus is impressed

Norm: No Sire that's just some tomato juice he poured on his eyes and we already know Dumbo disappeared near the Spanish area.

Ako: At least my vision gave me a clue unlike your silly ball of glass technique, can you even call that a technique?

Norm: Silence, you fool! Don't underestimate the power of the crystal magic. I will show you!! Come on baby crystal don't let daddy down now!

Nexus: The Nexus is waiting for your reply Norm

Norm: My lord, the crystal is showing me images of a person named Archangel I believe he possess Dumbo within his castle walls.

Nexus: The Nexus has decided we will go to the Spanish area and find this so called Archangel!!

Ako & Norm: As you command my liege.

Nexus: The Nexus also request to prepare plenty of lazier cannons we should not neglect greeting the Spanish people!

Ako & Norm: As you command!

The End

Author Comment

Hopefully by now you know who Dumbo is so no need to explain it again, otherwise, refer to the first Alien chapter. Also, I really prefer short stories over long ones, otherwise, people may need a beer once they finish reading lol. And it can really help finishing them sooner instead of waiting long months. The most annoying part is the proof checking which is a pain. Special thanks to Kake HRV for helping with that and Happy Birthday Kake!!

Finally, hope you enjoyed this little Alien drama and hope to get more of em likes on Line chat, they really motivate me to come up with new stories about Storm-fall.

Thank you all for reading

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