Stormfall: Fall of STFU Chapter 7

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7 February, 2017, 6:45 PM UTC

Stormfall: Fall of STFU Chapter 7 

The story is pure fiction based on few historic events, enjoy!

At DBS-ULS camp...

Lady Sif: It's almost time for the CTA, did you announce the targets?

Bronx: Yep, now we just have to wait few minutes and the enemy beacon will fall.

Rage: We received the reports, looks like the CTA has failed.

Lady Sif: What????

Lyon: Apparently, the beacon has been reinforced, someone leaked information to the enemy.

Bronx: This is bad. Any word from showtime?

Lyon: I am afraid he is still recovering from his loss.

At STFU camp...

Red Knight: Finally, i get to play a role in this story. Where is general drake?

Bedminister: In the hospital, he was injured during the last assault. Someone, actually sent 100 million offense power...

Red Knight: Pathetic couldn't handle that Offense power. Anyway, was the information reliable?

Bedminister: The enemy assault has failed, our beacons are still secured.

Red Knight: I guess we can trust the information, now according to the intel, showtime is still recovering from his assault at these coordinates. Send Assissans and kill the ULS Leader!!

Bedminister: At once my lord, but..

Red Knight: What is it?

Bedminister: Do you happen to have any Assissans left?

Red Knight: What non-sense is this? Are you telling me that you don't have any Assissan remaining?

Bedminister: Unfortunately, our last few Assissan were killed during the enemy CTA. We got none left.

Red Knight: FOOL!!! You are asking me to get you an Assissan? You want me to go to Altar?

Bedminister: Yes my lord, is something wrong?

Red Knight: That stupid altar no longer deals with me until i pay back the gold i owe to Maar

Bedminister: Can't you just pay?

Red Knight: NEVER!!! i changed my mind, we will send an army towards showtime. Today, he will die!

Bedminister: Seriously? I mean at once my lord.

Back at DBS-ULS camp...

Lady Sif: Did you manage to find out who leaked the info?

Bronx: No yet, it's like there is no trace of them in DBS

Lady Sif: Once, you find one, i will interrogate them personally.

Rage: Cheer up Sif, here have some Herbal Tea

Lyon: OH NO!!!

Bronx: What is it?

Lyon: We just received a report, showtime is under attack by STFU. Someone leaked his whereabouts!!! OMG this is serious

Lady Sif: We are still training troops, the last CTA exhausted us with it's horrible ratio.


Lyon: Useless....yeah i guess you are right (with an angry expression on his face)

Lady Sif: Why is everything going wrong today?

Back at STFU camp...

Red Knight: Have you succeed?

Bedminister: Please do not rush my lord, marching distance takes time you know..

Red Knight: Seriously? How cheap can you be? Boost distance speed.

Bedminister: *whispers* not cheap as you with your gold.

Red Knight: Did you say something?

Bedminister: Nothing my lord, oh look we received the report.

Red Knight: What? Well spit it out did showtime die?

Bedminister: My lord, it looks like...

Red Knight: Hurry!!! Speak!!!!

Bedminister: It looks like.....

Back at DBS-ULS camp....


Lady Sif: Finally, some good news!

Rage: Indeed, this calls for more herbal tea

[Lyon stays silent for awhile, not adding anything to the happy crowd]

Bronx: Hahaha... Lyon i am sure your glad that showtime is still alive, am i right?

Lyon: *with a shocked expression on his face* yeah, he still manages to stay alive afterall that...

[Lyon receives a call from someone....]

Lyon: If you will excuse me Bronx, i must take this call privately. Also, may not comeback for few days need to settle some stuff in ULS.

Bronx: Sure buddy

[Lyon leaves the room]

Lady Sif: What's wrong with Lyon? Didn't he look a little odd?

Bronx: Yes, he does look a bit shocked

Lady Sif: Who was the caller?

Bronx: Someone named mistressraven

Lady Sif: I guess this is our chance Bronx. Shall we talk about our current situation?

Bronx: Alright, what do you want to talk about?

Lady Sif: Project SPK

Rage: What is that? Is it a new drink?

Bronx: * Bronx becomes nervous and immediately offers Rage more herbal tea * Oh my rage, you look stressed, have some more herbal tea

Rage: Oh my thank you!

[Meanwhile, Lyon is talking with the caller...]

Lyon: Yes, i understand the plan has failed. I know that Red Knight is completely useless. However, not to worry Mistressraven, i will take matters into my own hands.

[Ends the call and breaks the phone with anger]

Lyon: If you want to do something, i guess you just have to do it yourself.

[Rage falls asleep after drinking few herbal drinks]

Lady Sif: Is he asleep?

Bronx: Yes, but seriously you scared me! Why bring out that dangerous weapon?

Lady Sif: We must decide whether to unleash that weapon against STFU

To be Continued....

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