Stormfall: Fall of STFU Chapter 4

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25 January, 2017, 3:40 PM UTC

Stormfall: Fall of STFU

Author: Introduction, all characters are

Readers: Screw the intro, start the war already!

Author: *sad face*

Chapter 4

[The leaders have signed an agreement, merging their leagues into what is known as DBS-ULS alliance. However, this wasn’t favored by the STFU alliance who immediately declared war. However, determined to end this war quickly, the DBS-ULS alliance launched a full scale assault taking STFU by surprise. They didn’t expect this at all, their beacons were falling one at a time. Until the Conglomerate family stepped into the battle field, they manage to keep the forwarding armies at bay. Now, the generals of DBS-ULS discuss on how to overcome their current dilemma against Conglomerate]

Bronx: It’s been several hours, and our offense hasn’t broken through yet!

Showtime: Patients my lord, war takes time you know (while playing with his Ipad some other game)

Bronx: Patients? Resources don’t grow on trees you know! I am running out of raids to build troops

Lyon: Give me that *takes the Ipad away* In case you didn’t know we are at war!

Showtime: Fine!! And Bronx you can always rely on your credit card and make the game developers happy!

Bronx: I have already spent three cards…What about you guys?

Lyon: Yep, same few credit cards down the drain

Showtime: Not to mention, the bills we will receive later *cries*

Bronx: What about you Rage?

Rage: *cough* just one or two, umm or may be eight more… give or take…

[Showtime, Lyon and Bronx all look surprised and wondering just how much money is this guy spending, but trying to change the subject..]

Rage: *cough* Their front defense is impenetrable, they must have stacked over the years while we were fighting their wars *cough*….did someone see where I kept my herbal tea?

Showtime: Indeed, we have wiped out most of their jumpers but they are not giving up!

Lyon: It was a bit strange when STF league suddenly kicked so many members out. Thanks to that the war went smoothly till now..

Rage: Yeah, what was all that about?

Bronx: Hold on!! Something is missing

Showtime: I know what you mean, give me back my Ipad Lyon!

Lyon: Never!

Bronx: Not that…hmm…what is missing? Think Bronx! THINK DEEPLY!!

 Rage: Was it the sugar for my herbal tea?

Bronx: No, I got it…where is Lady Sif?

Lyon: Ah Lady Sif is inside another camp talking with Lady-in-waiting. They say it was urgent.

Bronx: What could be more urgent than this?

Showtime: Most probably a girl thing.


Bronx: I agree, we can’t bring that up. It may destroy our alliance in one go!

Showtime: Seriously?

Bronx: Both Rage and I were close in losing our heads cause of it.

Rage: Please don’t bring that up again *cries while drinking herbal tea*

[Back at the STFU camp, General Drake of Conglomerate league is holding the defense but running into a few problems of his own]

Drake: WHAT? We lack gold to rebuild troops that we have lost already!

Bedminster (aka Bedminster member of Conglomerate League): I am afraid so my lord, our supplies have run out. We won’t be able to handle the enemy assault for much longer.

Drake: What about Red Knight? Where is he in all this mess?

Bedminster: I am afraid, he went into hiding along with all the gold he managed to grab.

Drake: We could’ve lost everything when he kicked all his members. What was that idiot thinking?

Bedminster: His own members were kicked for just requesting gold, they only wanted to build defense to stand up against the DBS-ULS army

Drake: And we no longer have any jumpers left, too many were destroyed already.

Bedminster: General, we may lose our lives just to save Red Knight and his alliance … His greed for gold may be the end of us all. Shall we abandon our post while we still can? *please I beg you to say yes*

Drake: It’s not my decision to make, we will hold the line for as long as we can, however, keep our King Kooley aware of the situation.

Bedminster: *sigh* Yes, my lord

[At DBS-ULS camp Lady Sif brings some broken bones to Lady-in-waiting..]

Lady-in-waiting: Hello! Why did you bring such disgusting thing in here?

Lady Sif: that’s because you are going to carry them

Lady-in-waiting: What? Don’t be ridiculous, I don’t want to get my hands dirty. What if my prince charming saw me carrying that horrid thing? I would lose my chance in marriage!

Lady Sif: Trust me you are not going to find the right man for yourself.

Lady-in-waiting: You never know, I may find him soon!

Lady Sif: Come on now, it’s been 10 years, your standards are way too high, no man is that good.

Lady-in-waiting: A lady has dreams you know!

Lady Sif: yeah whatever, now take these bones and bury them in these coordinates.

Lady-in-waiting: Have you lost your mind? Why would I do that?

Lady Sif: Because this is the only way to end this war.

Lady-in-waiting: What? How?

Lady Sif: Remember the guy that I killed named Bouh 666 ( aka B2W league member) well these are his remains and I want you to resurrect him from his grave.

Lady-in-waiting: Are you kidding me? You want me to do what? Bring an undead back to life! Have you lost your mind SIF???

Lady Sif: Perhaps but it’s the only way to help our alliance. Please lady-in-waiting…

Lady-in-waiting:…. Okay fine! I will do it!! However, you better pay me back for this!

Lady Sif: Don’t worry my dear, I will.

To be Continued

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