Capture the Flag!

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18 July, 2016, 8:16 AM UTC

Capture the Flag!


Capture rival League Flags, defend your own, and earn magnificent Rewards in this unique Tournament!

The High Council of Stormfall is proud to announce a very special Event – the Capture the Flag Tournament!

All Leagues shall be divided into Tiers according to their current positions in the Rankings. Each League shall receive a Flag to be located at their Fortress. The value of a League’s Flag depends on that League’s Tier.

Your main objective is to collect as many Flags from your rivals as possible. Each Flag captured shall yield a certain number of Tournament Points. The more Flags your League collects, the more Points your League shall earn.

NOTE: If your League’s Flag is at its Fortress when the Tournament ends, you shall receive an additional 25% of your total collected Tournament Points as a bonus!

The Top 10 Leagues in each Tier shall each be rewarded with valuable Effects - Buffs and Debuffs! These are positive and negative Effects that affect all Members of the Leagues to which they are applied. Among other things, Buffs and Debuffs can influence:

- Unit speed

- Unit attack or defense capabilities

- Resource production

- Experience Points gained in battles


- Buffs can ONLY be applied to your own League

- Debuffs can only be applied to any League in the same Tier as your own

- The Top 3 Leagues in each Tier shall receive a special Reward, rendering them immune to the effects of some or all Debuffs

- You must have Fortress administration rights to apply Buffs and assign Debuffs

- Buffs and Debuffs are only valid for a period of 7 days after the end of the Tournament. This means that if a Buff is applied 2 days after the Tournament has ended, its effect will only last 5 days.

- Your League may apply up to 5 Buffs and assign up to 5 Debuffs (10 Effects total).

- In order to participate in the Tournament, your League must have constructed a Fortress of Level 3 or higher at least 24 hours prior to the start of the Tournament.

To arms, my Lords and Ladies! Ready your armies, reinforce your League Fortresses, and race to capture your rivals’ Flags!

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