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Global Quest March 17!

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17 March, 2015, 10:35 AM UTC

Global Quest!

Attack or defend Battlegrounds to collect Medallions. Let your opponents, intent on destruction, see that you far outnumber them, and always remember: The more Items you collect, the greater your rewards shall be!

During each Global Quest, all Lords and Ladies are divided into Tiers according to their level. Even Novice players can earn great rewards for taking the top positions within their Tier! Check the Rankings to see your position and the additional rewards available for leaders in your Tier.

Finally, all Global Quests are timed. So make haste, Lords and Ladies – go check the Global Quest window and start fighting for your share in the epic history of Stormfall!

May the Great Hunt commence!


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17 March, 2015, 5:27 PM UTC

Awards have been halved with this new quest... You used to get 100 soul stones for defeating 50 points of battle grounds at Master level. Now you only get 50 stones for the same work and more so you need 500 more battle points to get a whooping 5 more stones. Yep 5 whole stones... Lucky I did months of previous quests but new players will take 2 times as long to get lost arts...

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