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New Resource Items!

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26 November, 2015, 11:35 AM UTC

Boost your Resource Production or Reduce your Food Consumption!

From now on, your people shall want for nothing, my Lord! You now have access to several powerful new Items that will help you manage your Resources better!

Food Consumption Reduction Items are now available at the Black Market. They can reduce the amount of Food consumed by your Units by either 25% or 50% for up to three days! These Items can also be won in Tournaments or obtained through Special Offers!

Also, Items of one type add up. If you apply “Food Consumption Reduction -25% - 1 Day,” as well as “Food Consumption Reduction -25% - 3 Days,” you will enjoy the benefits of reduced Food consumption for four days straight!

BE ADVISED: If the percentages are different, the newer Food Consumption Reduction Item will overwrite previous similar effects. For example, if you activate a Food Consumption Reduction -50% Item, then activate a Food Consumption Reduction -25% Item, the latter will overwrite the former’s effects.

You may also boost the production of ALL Resources at once by 25% for one or three days! The three-day boost is now available at the Black Market!

Do not delay, my Lord! Take advantage of these powerful new Items and lead your people to victory!

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