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Global Quest

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23 February, 2015, 9:56 AM UTC

Engage Battlegrounds and earn Soulstones to use at the Black Market!

My Lords and Ladies!

Balur’s dark ritual has been completed.

Astaroth and his demons have been brought back to Stormfall, and are preparing to mount an offensive. There is but one action you can take to stop them. Attack or defend Battlegrounds to collect Stormfall Ensigns. Let the minions of the Chaos god see that you outnumber them by far! Remember: The more Items you collect, the greater your reward.

During each Global Quest, all Lords and Ladies are divided into Tiers according to their levels. Even Novice players can earn great rewards for taking the top positions within their Tier!
Check the Rankings to see your position and the additional rewards available for leaders in your Tier.

And one last thing: All Global Quests are timed. So make haste, Lords and Ladies – go check the Global Quest window and start fighting for a better future!

May Eir smile upon your path!

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