LL3 - Living Legends, Sister league to 'Night Angels' (TNA), is now accepting new and old members!

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7 March, 2016, 9:53 PM UTC

Hey there, join Living Legends (Search LL3). Its the sister league for Night Angels (TNA) which is now full. We are working on changing the name to make it all line up. We are a cool league that recently quit a huge alliance, still with high respects for them of course, only for the reason of simplifying things and having fun. :) Our players have been around for years, and we work hard to help each other. Of course, we are competitive too ;)   Great people.  Valuable training information.  We will make the game easy for you to understand.

Join our sister league and search LL3... room for the new and the old.  We look forward to the value of skill and experience from the tenured, and teaching our new!   Cheers! :)

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