Warrior Kings is Recruiting

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20 September, 2015, 2:03 AM UTC

Warrior Kings is looking for strong, motivated, and teamwork oriented and serious players.

We are members of the fast growing alliance NATO

 Our end goal will involve beacons

What we offer:

- Competitive play in one of the top 500 leagues

- Strong leadership with clear goals

- Ranks that mean something.  You control how high you go

- Great community with helpful and active players


What we are looking for:

- lev 50+ preferably 60+

- Must be able to use the Line app

-players with interest on taking beacons

- English Speaking only

- League focused players

Our Rules

-line app is required

-you must be active 3d inactive kick policy

-Non attack policy on any member of Nato, leagues with beacons or beacons unless target is issued by captain or marshal

If you feel like this would be a good fit for you add vulgamesh on line app and message me or apply in game

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