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31 August, 2017, 7:31 AM UTC

Hello everyone.

1st about this little situation im having atm

My max lvl bg is 160 and atm i have 308m(308,657,920) rss/units in the bank and 15 killed bgs on my list with no payout.

The thing is i already had same problem (not that long ago) sometime when my max lvl bg was around 150-155. I had more then enough in the bank and bgs just stopped paying. And back then ive killed way more then 15 bgs before i finally got some sort of payout. It was lvl22 bg iirc.

So when after that lvl22 bg ive tried to go back to bg lvl that i was supposed to kill/ get pay from b4 that nopaybg thingy happened ... lvl 150 bg or something ... well anything close to those lvls still refused to pay

Let me just add .... im writing down/ making notes of everything ive sent or got back from bgs ever since lvl 1

So when (after that lvl22 bg paid) ive killed another ...20 or so bgs and when i did all the math using my notes, how much was invested(and when), killed bg lvls that paid or didnt pay, etc .... math showed that somehow somewhere i "lost" 237m(237,077,055) rss/units ... and that if i want to get them bgs pay i need to move on from that lvl22 bg. 

So thats what i did ... wrote somewhere about those 237m rss/units left behind and moved on .... like i never even had any of those 237m rss ... or almost 16k necros o.O

Some time after ... here i am max lvl bg160 and 308m rss in the bank ... and bgs once again that refuses to cooperate.

Now my question is not about why bgs dont pay(i guess ive already found answers). I would like to know if theres a way to get those 237m back? Any way to force the game to give 2 major payouts in a row? ... or something idk

I have a feeling im about to lose those 308m+ so b4 i try anything i was wondering maybe someone had similar situation or w/e

So as the title says any advise or suggestion or idea is more then welcome


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1 September, 2017, 2:50 PM UTC

Hello, my Lord! All your battles are calculated and all you troops are in progress. You need to find your strategy to get the rewards. 

In this case I suggest you to ask players for help in the game or on our forum. 
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