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Battleground payouts?

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3 September, 2016, 7:19 PM UTC
Hi I have my battleground highest at 97, I got a payout of 4500 griffins at 93-94 and after reinvesting them into battlegrounds I'm not even getting payouts from a 65. I don't understand why it's suddenly dropped from paying out. 4500 Griffins is plenty of resources for payouts I would believe? Anyone tell me why I'm not getting anything good? I went from getting 4k+ griffin payouts to 900 if I'm lucky. I lost my entire defense to battlegrounds and they're not paying like they should???
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4 September, 2016, 9:10 PM UTC

It happens to me the same think my last payment was lvl 72 1,800 necros and after I reinvest them it pay's again at lvl 61 800 golem's 170 warlock .

I didn't took back ut list the investment I did.

I have one suggestion for you Mihanicks of stormfall utlist provide in the game ress bar to show people  how much exactly must to invest for each lvl to feel up this bank of yours or maybe you mean by the word bank the money we spent in this game !!!!!!!!!

Any way how I see your forum doesn't has the potential or you management of stormfall don't give a shit excuse my language but we play this game to enjoy not to get pist off every time we open our phone or tablet.

Respect above all !!!!!

Have a nice day

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5 September, 2016, 6:14 AM UTC

Unfortunately, guys, bg mechanics is black box only/

 There is no official information about payouts.

Only players experience, only hardcore...

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