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Attacking others

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30 July, 2016, 4:23 AM UTC

Ok someone please explain to me how attacking and defending works. Because right now it's straight up idiotic. I hit with 3million attack power, lose about 2 million, and the guy loses 700k defense. That's bullshit. His equipment was pretty equal to mine, I had offensive crystals active, and had an attack boost activated as well as paragon. Looking at values one dragon should take down 1 griffin, but apparently it's taking 3 dragons for every 1 griffin. And my troops were max level. This is really becoming a waste of troops, and events don't pay shit back, lose 2million and only gain like 150-200k back.

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1 August, 2016, 6:39 AM UTC

Hi, friend.

Unfortunately, there is no official math of off and deff battle calculation.

I'll post some statements, that can make sence in your situation:

  1. You can see only your losses and losses of castle owner in battle report. You can't see any reinforcemets that were there.
  2. You can see only base of  off and deff units whithout any buffs in battle report.
  3. You won't see castle skin and defencive structure's bonuses in battle report. (For examle, I have 10000 castle bonus and can swith on +30% in dragon arts. So it will give me 10000/100=100%+30% and 1 mil deff will become 2.3 mil.)
And yes, offencive troops are more expencive that deff.
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