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Need help with Calculation

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27 November, 2015, 7:17 PM UTC

I'm probably just looking at this wrong but i cant figure out how to calculate power per Upkeep. 

Lets Take Pikeman with my current Spring of Life and food consumption bonus  Upkeep Per pikeman is .41 food per hour and with House of Scrolls my current Power per pikeman is 51.20 so how much power is that per upkeep? 

with no Bonus Pikeman is 1 upkeep 40 power so 40 power per upkeep

with no bonus Seeker is .75 upkeep 75 power and 100 power per upkeep

Pikeman is easy at 1 upkeep 40 power per upkeep but seeker .75 upkeep what calculation was used to get 100 power per hour?
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2 December, 2015, 11:25 AM UTC

Hm, Upkeep = food consumption.

  • Seeker = 0.75 food consumption per hour;
  • Seeker = 75 power;
  • 75/0.75 = 100 power per upkeep.
Upkeep could be used in calculation for small lvls and before 7 August cause troops could desert.

But after 7 august upgrade troops are always with you, no matter how much food you have.

And ofc, Spring+Obelisk = -95% food consumpton. I don't think troops food consumption will change my training preferences.

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2 December, 2015, 9:49 PM UTC
Thanks VE4NIK! it's just for my troop comparison it takes everything into consideration and i was stopped there but you just helped me finish it. Currently with all bonuses with Pikemam i get 142.22 power per unit of food. 
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