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Wrong Tournament Rewards

Wrong Tournament Rewards

Dear Players,

This is to address the situation with the wrong rewards in one of the tournaments. The numbers were incorrectly stated from the very start, and we very much apologize for this confusion. We had to revert the numbers to the intended state because leaving them as they were would have had a considerable impact on the game balance.

However, we understand that it was a disappointing mistake on our side that’s why we’ve sent out a compensation package to EVERY PLAYER to make up for this situation.

Thank you for being understanding as it was just a human factor, and let’s not let this mishap spoil the most wonderful time of the year. Happy Holidays! 🎄

Dec 28, 2021, 13:0012/28/21
Dec 28, 2021, 19:0212/28/21
Dec 28, 2021, 19:04(edited)

How about you restore the rewards to what they were?  DO THE RIGHT THING!

Leagues in the top 10 of that event made decisions that your paltry penitence gift don't make up for the lost time, troops expended in battle grounds and spending on packages!   

This appears like a bait and switch scam - well beyond human error and your solution for those leagues that put enormous effort into the event to take paltry gifts is underwhelming to say the least.  Told to be Merry and Understanding while the rest of the server got the same penitence gift is not a proper solution on your behalf.

Since you seem to need assistance in customer service and appreciation during this wonderful time of the year PLEASE implement an appropriate correction to your MASSIVE FRAUDULENT APPEARING MISTAKE that has tremendous impact on those that put massive effort into this event

As a long term player I lack confidence in anything you say or promise as reward in the game now.  Show me I'm wrong by doing the right thing.

Dec 28, 2021, 21:1012/28/21

Very dissapointed at this HUMAN ERROR, as a seller of a product you should be reimbursing any and all troops and saphires spent by players on this event ..... i will not be spending any money on any account for the month of January , this is more of a loss to you then me . HUMAN ERRORS like this make me rethink the game i am playing !

AlinaCommunity Manager
Dec 29, 2021, 10:4312/29/21

We understand this mistake was a serious one. However, leaving the rewards as they were would have had a considerable impact on the game balance. We cannot risk it and jeopardize the game. We hope you'll understand it in the long run.