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Ways of development

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9 February, 2016, 2:49 PM UTC

Hi all, guys.

Today I would like to pay your attention to several ways of development in our game. I guess I'm not original one. I don't want to raise any issues. I just want to share my knoledge and experience so that can be helpfull for new players.

So, we have different dewelopment ways in my opinion.

  1. Huge donations. Very huge. It concerns first of all Lost art's discoveries, number of builders and alliance management. Almost everything in our game can be boosted. So such way of development can have place.
  2. Ordinary development. Sapphire desirable spending only for second builder (sapphires can be collected in game without any donations). Construction of buildings, training units, receiving 1 lost art element per day, digging in game mechanics and players experience - ordinary game activity. But it's not obviusa as it looks like.

Fast keep development vs fast production development.

What is the difference?

There always will be the choice of spending your time between achieving requirements for keep upgrade (fast development) or upgrade production structures evenly (slow development, many toops). Keep is the main structure in our castle and it's lvl is a "roof" for other buildings lvl in our castle (storage, production and training).

I choose the first one - I maxed one production building to it's max available lvl, then - keep upgrade. Again and again.

  • "+" It's the fastest way of keep development and upgrading storages.
  • "-" small amount of unit types (I'll make it clear further).
  • Decision - get upgrades to a certain lvl and then take some time to production upgrades. I stoped my keep upgrade race on lvl 13 and got some production upgrades. Then I continued my climbing.

We have two main threshold in castle development. Frankly speaking, it can be the main problems that players can't solve and they leave our game:

  • Spring discovery - it's needed to upgrade keep to 10 lvl and it's vital for any army.
  • Dungeons discovery - it's needed to upgrade keep to 11 lvl.

Base of these problems is that player can receive only 1 lost arts element per day. We don't have exchange market as in browser game. And player can wait element he need for days and even for weeks.

Element's drop system works the following way:

Key points in Lost arts are "Waters of Life" (Spring), "Bran's Legacy" (Forge), "Light of Eldure" (Dungeons). 

I'll try to make it clear...

  1. You've collected and discovered "Bran's seal" and "Trade".
  2. You will recieve 1 element per day eather from "Divine Blades" or "Smuggling".
  3. At last you've collected all elements of "Divine Blades".
  4. If you WON'T discover "Divine Blades" - all next elements will be from "Smuggling".
  5. If you DISCOVER "Divine Blades" - you will get new unit - Palladin. But further elements will be eather from "Smuggling" or "Horsemenship".
  6. You've collected all elements of "Horsemanship".
  7. If you WON'T discover "Horsemanship" - all next elements will be from "Smuggling".
  8. If you DISCOVER "Horsemanship" - you will get new unit - Nomad. But further elements will be eather from "Smuggling" or "Chivalry".
  9. So collecting "Smuggling" and further "Water", "Legacy" and "Light" will take MONTHS. But you will have different unit types.

  1. If you WON'T discover "Divine Blades" - all next elements will be from "Smuggling".
  2. At last you've collected all elements of "Smuggling".
  3. DISCOVER "Smuggling" - all next elements will be from "Waters of Life".
  4. 6 days later - DISCOVER "Waters of Life".
  5. 6 days later - DISCOVER "Bran's Legacy".
  6. 6 days later - DISCOVER "Light of Eldure".
  7. At last - DISCOVER "Divine Blades" - all next elements will be from "Horsemenship".
  8. So you need to spend 18 days of real life to get 11 lvl Keep. It's the fastes way. 
  9. "-" You will need tonns of patience and play only with pickemen and archers.
  10. "+" You can upgrade proguction buildings and further development will be much easyer.

I think oridnary player WILL discover any lost art that was collected. So they'll have different units but will jib for shure at 10 lvl and 11 lvl Keep. In my opinion it's the main problem in our game - not all players will stay in game after that. Of course, friendly alliance and comunity activity can hold them, but everyone chooses by themselfs.

The most patient players will pass this development stage sooner or later and further development will flatten. Only timers or sapphires earnings will restrict speed of development.

I hope this info will be usefull for you, my friends =)

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12 February, 2016, 6:39 PM UTC

I have found that leveling doing the fast keep way is best 

Pick one house one mine and one farm only level those resource buildings 

Keep your spring of life level equal to your keep to minimize food consumption 

Level up your lost arts catacombs and all storage buildings and keep them equip to your keep level

Once you have reached max keep level you can go back and level the other buildings you will have catacombs that will protect a good amount of  resources  and you can hold a lot of them 

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