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Spies needs a change

Spies needs a change

Jul 31, 2017, 07:0907/31/17

Spies needs a change

How to make spies more effective in-game?

The point of having spies is to get information and be secretive about it. Here is an example on how it should work in the game.

player 1 sends 10 spies on player 2 who does not have any spies guarding his castle. player 1 gets the information successfully and player 2 should not be aware at all that his information was stolen. this takes into account a successfuly spy mission. lets look at an unsuccessful one, player 1 sends 10 spies against player 2 who happens to have 100 spies on standby at his castle. player 1 does not get any report and loses his spies in the process while player 2 get notified about a spy attempt but does not know who sent them. this will make spying interesting in a way. 

lets look at another example, player 1 sends 100 spies against player 2 who has 50 spies guarding his castle. player 1 succeeds in getting information but loses spies. player 2 gets aware that someone took his information but does not know whom & also lost all his spies since they failed in preventing the information from getting leaked!!!!

another point i want to make is that let spies be killled by other spies only. its ridiculous for spies to be involved in battle and gets killed in the process. this option would make it fun for alliance who want to get information lets say on an enemy beacon. players should be allowed to spy and kill some of the spies inside the beacon to reduce their number until someone manages to get a report. similar to cta on beacom but in this case you only use spy. hence, it would be a fun option to have in the game.

spies are meant to get information for u without revealing your identity. this is were spy units becomes more valuable and spies should not be killed by offense units only spies. so a beacon falls but still has spies in it. those spies should just return back to the players why should they be killed by offense, they are spies who are suppse to avoid getting revealled. 

another thing we could use spies for, when a player receives an incoming attack than he should be able to send a spy to get information about the size of the enemy army. however, allow the attacker to keep spies within his army to prevent that from happening while they should not be engaged in the actually battle at castle. thats all so what do u guys think if plarium implement these changes?

Jul 31, 2017, 07:1107/31/17

Suggestion from another player which I think it's pretty good:

From iamepic952

Also they should introduce a new building that would allow you to upgrade it and the higher the level the more information is revealed about an attacking army

Aug 1, 2017, 12:0408/01/17
Hi! Thank you for your feedback. I'll pass it to our devs, but we don't plan to change something in this feature.