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HRV Witches Final Chapter 7

HRV Witches Final Chapter 7

May 20, 2017, 18:3805/20/17

HRV Witches Final Chapter 7

Witches of HRV Final Chapter 7

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Crusaders team: Hercules (Hero), Magic Town (MT), Black Feather (BF) & any member from HRV league

Witches Squad: Zora, Love Lord (LL), Kake, Jiggles & Rock

The final battle commence

(MT stabs LL with a sword piercing her through the wall)

MT: Die you cursed witch!!!

(LL with her hands still free from constraints stabs MT with her needles towards his left eye)

LL: How do you like that?

MT: A minor step back now die you miserable creature

LL: You think a sword can kill me. I am a witch of high power such mortal tools cannot harm me

MT: Than what about this?

(MT opens a bottle of water and pours the content over LL who quickly realize this is no ordinary water)

LL: AHHH!!! The pain!!! You dare to use Holy Water!!

MT: With a touch of dark essence now burn you fifthly witch!!


(With her last breathe of magic, LL pushes MT away and frees herself)

LL: You will never win!

(While LL prepares to throw her needles at MT. The holy water begins to take effect, immobilizing her in the process)


(BF takes cover while Kake launches fireballs at him)

BF: My dear witch you are a lousy shooter

Kake: I will show you! Prepare to witness my cheerleading magic!

BF: This is my chance!

(BF charges with a spear into Kake abdomen, pushing her forward with all his might but Kake manages to scratch the crusader’s arm. However, the crusader pushes her towards a water container and you guessed it. It’s holy water. Now Kake is lying on the floor, her true form of rabbit makes it appearance while in a deformed state. Kake still had a smile on her face)

BF: What are you so happy about witch?

Kake: Because my dear..crusader..i will ..regenerate ..from this..deformed state… while you will cease to exists

BF: What are you talking about?

(Suddenly, BF drops his spear from his hand while bringing both his hands towards his neck. Unable to breath, unable to talk but tries to understand what went wrong. He notices the scar wound on his arm which he received from witch during his assault)

Kake: You underestimate…the claw..of a deadly…rabbit!!!!!!!!!!!

(The crusader falls on his feet, completely powerless)

Kake: You may….have won…. the fight… but I will live!!! While you… rot away! *Kake loses her consciousness*


Jiggles: Take this and that

Hero: Why couldn’t just stay at your lair like a good witch? We decide to leave you alone

Jiggles: All that preparation. I was ready for a fight to the death but guess what? Nobody shows up!

Hero: That’s because you were not worth the effort.

Jiggles: I couldn’t take this anymore. Here have some more pumpkins!!

Hero: How on earth you manage to carry all that pumpkin in your bag is beyond me…

Jiggle: Die you worthless piece of dirt.

Hero: You know what I hate the most? Is wasting my time on worthless things that doesn’t add to my bonus!!!

Jiggles: You still calling me worthless!! DIE!! DIE!!

Hero: Today I brought with me a wooden relic which I am going to stab you with

Jiggles: What’s so special about it?

Hero: I used money to buy the damn thing now be purged with it!

(Hero confronts Jiggles and runs straight towards her while Jiggles does the same. The two clash with each other. Hero ramming the wooden relic into Jiggles month and Jiggles shoves a large pumpkin into Hero’s month. Both die from suffocation.)


Hammer: Tut you attack from the right while i attack from the left

Tut: Understood

Rock: Not so fast

(With her hands alone she pushes tut into the wall behind him. However, Hammer with rage he picks up an actual hammer weapon and hits rock with it)

Hammer: Die you damned witch!

Rock: Please..that barely tickles

(Rock grabs Hammer’s neck but tut comes to his aid with a sword stabbing rock)

Tut: Are you okay?

Hammer: Barely

(Rock pulls out the sword and with her hands she strikes both the crusaders chest without a second notice but they wouldn’t die easily without a fight. Tut strikes back while Hammer uses his hammer. Both manage to cut off rocks arms away but they both suffered massive damage while rock still standing strong. Tut and Hammer both dying as they gaze towards Rock with a happy face on them)

Rock: What’s with the happy face? You can no longer speak. The ritual to amplify the virus is complete. All that remains is to unleash it into the world and we witches will rule over these lands once again!!

MT: So that was your plan all along.

Rock: Who…

(MT strikes Rock with his sword, cutting her head before she can use any spell)

MT: I was too late. The crusaders died here as well. There is no time I got to end this quickly…(MT covered with wounds from his own fight unable to stay on his feet and drops to the floor. He drags himself towards the wall to sit while someone unexpected shows up)

Cinder: My lord!! Are you alright?

MT: Who is this?

Cinder: It’s me cinder! A newly recruit for HRV Prison reporting for duty!

MT: Ah the troublemaker who made his league lose three beacons in one day. So they sent you to HRV as punishment

Cinder: That’s me! Though I am not proud of what I have done Sir but I promise to do my best!!

MT: Listen Cinder. There is not much time left. I want you to leave and report back to ULS Headquarters of the events that took place here.

Cinder: But sire!! Your injured! I need to treat your wounds.

MT: There is NO TIME!!! The witches managed to kill all the crusaders and soon they will recover from their wounds. It’s only a matter of time. But before that should come to pass I will burn HRV Prison to the ground. I will make sure to keep them all dead this time.

Cinder: But i can’t leave you here!

MT: I have set explosions inside HRV Prison. They will detonate soon you must leave here at once.

Cinder: But SIRE!!!

MT: Remember what I told you! NOW GO!!

Cinder: Yes sire

MT: HRV, it has been a long journey fighting these witches. Today it will finally be over.

(MT wounds were too deep and takes his last breath as well. While Cinder outside of HRV now watches the whole place burning in flames, the flames engulfs the witches annihilating them once and for all)


At ULS Headquarters….

Lyon: Let me get this straight. HRV Prison got burned along with all the crusaders and witches in it. Is that what your trying to tell me? What was your name again? Mr. Cinder?

Cinder: Yes my lord. That is correct.

Lyon: Mr. Cinder as far as ULS is concerned there is no HRV Prison in our records

Cinder: But my lord!

Lyon: Do I make myself clear Mr. Cinder?

Cinder: Yes my lord

(Cinder leaves Lyon’s office who opens up his cupboard and takes out a file named HRV Prison)

Lyon: So you finally managed to fall at last HRV. Well it has been fun while it lasted

(Lyon throws the file into the bin)

Lyon: However, a replacement will be need to continue their task. Hmmm…(picks up another file). Ah they should do nicely.

(Keeps the file back at his table, the name on the file is called Grim Reapers)

The End!