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Aliens of Storm-fall, Chapter 4  Final

Aliens of Storm-fall, Chapter 4 Final

Feb 20, 2017, 16:5502/20/17

Aliens of Storm-fall, Chapter 4 Final

Aliens of Storm-fall, Chapter 4 Final

Nexus travels towards the Spanish area to search for his lost pet Dumbo.

Norm: Try your mind vision again you imposter!

Ako: At least, it’s better than your fake glass ball..

Norm: I have you know that I am proud owner of the a CCBP degree and shouldn’t be underestimated!

Ako: What the heck is a CCBP?

Norm: That’s a Certified Crystal Ball Practitioner you ignorant fool!

Ako: Oh really… how does one earn such a degree?

Norm: You basically show them you have a crystal ball and act the part of showing fortune to others. 

Ako: Your full of bulls***

Norm: What about you? You faked those bloody tears!

Nexus: The Nexus is tired of you guys rumbling. Ako use your mind vision to find Dumbo

Ako: At once my lord, let me focus and concentrate… just need to turn around for a moment…(shows his face again with red tears dropping from his eyes)…the visions are painful and unclear..they…(before he could continue)

Norm: What’s this? So it wasn’t tomato sauce, it was ketchup!! My lord!! Here is proof that Ako was deceiving you!!! He used ketchup on his face to fake those bloody tears!!

Ako: Don’t listen to him my lord!! He is just jealous of my gifts!

Nexus: The Nexus is intrigued with the idea of using ketchup on the face. The nexus did not know such a thing was possible. Must explore more about ketchup and file it in my super archive system. The Nexus is impressed with your creativity Ako.

Akano: Why …thank you my lord… it’s a great honor to serve one so wise and broadminded

Norm: Seriously? My lord, it’s just ketchup! He is making a mockery out of you…

Nexus: No one makes a mockery out of the NEXUS!!! The Nexus is beyond all, now it’s your turn Norm show me the whereabouts of Dumbo

Norm: I shall do my best my lord. I will focus all my thoughts and useless energy into the shiny crystal.

Nexus: The Nexus is waiting Norm!

Norm: One moment, I see something… it’s a dragon…chasing something…I am not sure what the visions are trying to tell me

Ako: Hold on!! That’s no vision from the crystal. It’s a reflection of a real dragon, look outside immediately

Norm: What’s going on? Why is the sky filled with thousand of dragons?

Ako: They are coming out of Shellvader’s castle!!

Norm: I see another image on my crystal…its Dumbo

Nexus: The Nexus says that’s not a vision but another reflection of Dumbo getting attacked by Shellvader’s dragons. The Nexus will not tolerate this! Release the Griffins we will save Dumbo!!

(Thousands of Griffins confront Shellvader and Mindtrix dragon army and commence a battle to the death while Nexus and his subjects observe the battle)

Norm: Impressive my lord, I did not know you had such a grand army of Griffins

Ako: Wait hold on! My lord! How did you manage to get so many Griffins? The numbers do not match with your current force that you had.

Nexus: The Nexus and your Messiah has made the ultimate sacrifice and decided to combine his Griffin along with both your armies for this noble and epic fight to save our precious comrade Dumbo!

(Both Ako and Norm have gone mad as they realize all their Griffins are being used for this battle)

Shellvader: My dragons will slaughter your army along with your precious pet.

Mindtrix: My lady, it’s time for your afternoon tea

Shellvader: Oh why thank you Mindtrix, you’re so thoughtful of me unlike some people over there

Nexus: The Nexus does not run from threats and you claim us thoughtless well you are quite right

(The Nexus grabs Ako’s ketchup bottle along with Norm’s magic crystal ball and throws it at Shellvader who in turn spills her tea)

Shellvader: You will pay for this Nexus

Mindtrix: My lady, try to calm down

Norm: My precious crystal ball *cry*

Ako: My favorite ketchup *cry*

Nexus: The Nexus and your Messiah will save you Dumbo!

Shellvader: Enough!!! Mindtrix prepare to crash land our castle towards Nexus! We will end him here today!

Mindtrix: As you command

Nexus: The Nexus is not afraid! Bring it on!

(Shellvader’s and Nexus’s castle both crash against each other. Both castles crumble to pieces as the fight between the Dragons and Griffins continues on…)

(Under the rumble, Mindtrix searches for Shellvader’s body and finds her)

Mindtrix: My lady, wake up!

Shellvader: What happened?

Mindtrix: Our castle got crushed along with Nexus’s castle. We can’t stay here! We must leave!

Shellvader: What about our Dragons? Did we kill the fat elephant?

Mindtrix: I am afraid, it has been hours since we have crashed. Both the army dragons and griffins were completely slaughtered.

Shellvader: What about the elephant?

Mindtrix: *pausing for a moment but then speaks* he escaped my lady

Shellvader: You will pay greatly for this Nexus!!!

Mindtrix: I must get you to safety my lady

Shellvader: Curse you Nexus and your stupid PET!!!

(The Nexus escapes the falling rumbles of his damaged castle and realizes hours have passed since the battle has commenced. All the troops are dead now, but at least he managed to saved his beloved pet who is still missing. He searches for both Norm and Ako only to find a letter address to him)

“Dear Nexus,

Norm and I decided to quite Ancient Aliens and decided to start Alien Legends together, farewell!!



Nexus: The Nexus is pleased that the Alien race will expand further in Storm-fall. The Nexus only wishes to be with his beloved pet but believes it’s better that he roams free into the wild. Free from wars and battles, its better this way that’s what the nexus thinks.

(Days later as the Aliens left the Spanish area… few of the surviving Spanish leagues find the body of an excessively large elephant. After a full investigation, apparently it got hit by some sort of a crystal ball with ketchup bottle attached along with which was the cause of death)

The End!!

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