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Just Ideas

Jan 25, 2017, 15:3201/25/17

Just Ideas

Just Ideas

Part 1

Apparently Plaruim needs some help to get some cool idea’s rolling to upgrade their game to make it

more interesting and add flavor to the current Warfare Storm-fall: Rise of Balur. The recent updates are

somewhat unsatisfying as it was only the same structures which we all thought we had enough now we

end up revisiting them. It’s like visiting your in-laws (who you hate) all over again! What will be the next

update? Increase the dragon breath upgrade too? Let’s stop their madness by bringing some actually

cool ideas for them to apply into the game. So let’s look at our first idea and it was actually something

that I think would rather be super nice to have in game. I call it the “Trojan Horse” followed by the next

idea which is “Weor the Beacon Protector”.

Trojan Horse

The Marshall and Captains of each league will have access to crafting a unique vehicle known as the

“Trojan Horse”. This sweet vehicle will allow all league members to send both unit types inside the

vehicle. The objective of this vehicle is to be used against certain targets such as Fortress or Beacons.

Similar mechanics when hitting a hamlet with both offense and defense. The offense determine the

outcome of the fight if they win they control the hamlet and if they lose you fail to capture it. However,

it leaves your defense units intact. The “Trojan Horse” should work in a similar fashion to allow

members to join together to build one grand offense army to send against an enemy beacon. When

successful, the offense units will return back home while leaving the defense units inside the newly

captured beacon. Of course, you end up losing the “Trojan Horse” in the process which I recommend to

make it some sort of a challenge to actually build one (please not only sapphires). To make it worth the

effort for leagues to construct it, I advise to make individual hits on beacons to be low points while the

“Trojan Horse” will earn players a better score in events to make it attractive. I leave it up to the game

developers to decides on what controls to be in placed for controlling the structure and set limits on

beacon hits by the “Trojan Horse”.

Lets eliminate CTA (Call to Arms) which is quite annoying to lose so much friendly fire power and not to

mention organizing the event itself plus server crushes. Also, events such league PvP would make more

sense to work together to earn points for the whole league. This will encourage searching for more

active players and support them in order for the league to grow. Alliances can actually set targets on

enemy beacons by assigning few leagues on one target and each takes a turn to hit. The enemy should

get a notification for an incoming “Trojan Horse” attack to keep them on their toes and I hope plaruim

make the vehicle running speed to reach its distance within 1-10mins only. For me the “Trojan Horse” is

something that make sense for the game to develop into the next step. Individual castle hits on beacon

should not show an alert and should be a horrible ratio for them to earn anything. Why? Let’s face it,

alone you are simply an insect poking at a beacon!!

Weor the Beacon Protector

I only brought this up cause man I feel so bad for the people who contribute into a program known as

the jumpers. In case you do not know what is a jumper, individual dedicated to help other leagues that

are facing enemy attacks towards their beacons. These players are truly having it tough and I personal

tried it. It was a unique experience and doesn’t allow for much rewards to be earned other than being

loyal to your respective alliance and help contribute for a greater cause (right..). Oh I neglect to mention,

the 7 day trial period, man I really hated that one the most, forgetting all the units that I have lost which

means nothing to me compare to that stupid wait!

Anyway, without further ado, I bring to you “Weor the Beacon Protector” who will be the new hope for

the jumpers everywhere (or more like a replacement to the jumpers for good). Similar to the “Trojan

Horse”, a structure that is meant to allow members to gather their troops together and send to specific

targets like “Fortress” or “Beacon” to aid their fellow ally leagues against enemy aggression that

happening (hopefully it’s the “Trojan Horse”). The structure itself shouldn’t be something so difficult to

make but in order to allow increased amount of troops to be stored than it will require further upgrades.

Basically, one individual having few million defense to contribute to a beacon under siege can use the

vehicle and reinforce a friendly league beacon. However, if it is more than one individual and the total

power is worth 50+ millions in defense than the structure should have some limits in carrying troops or

require it to be upgraded (let game developers to do some extra thinking here!). Setting limits on the

number of “Weor the Beacon Protector” is also good . Now, let’s say the reinforcement saves the

beacon from enemy assault than this will not destroy the structure itself. However, if the reinforcement

has failed to defend ally beacon than you lose the structure and must rebuild. It just makes sense to lose

it if you fail in defending the beacon.

Finally, I would like to finish this by saying this little quote which I recently thought off. In game of

thrones, they repeatedly say “Winter is Coming” as a sign of warning that something dangerous is about

to come. Alas, I say this for a sign of danger that is coming within Stormfall: Rise of Balur and that is “An

Update is Coming!!!!”

Hopefully, if I get new idea’s will make a second part, so in the meantime that is all folks!

Nov 28, 2017, 10:1411/28/17

The servor 4 is dying. Why don’t you merge it with other one ?