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Suggestions that will not be implemented in the game

Suggestions that will not be implemented in the game

Feb 23, 2017, 09:4502/23/17

Suggestions that will not be implemented in the game

Lords and Ladies, welcome to the thread where we list the improvements suggested by our valued players that unfortunately will not be implemented for various reasons.

1. Let points counter keeps going when a League gets the maximum level achievement. We are planning to add new achievements levels in the future.

2. Add new League achievement rewards. Current rewards are pretty good as a bonus.

3. Allow players to combine items (lower to higher). We are planning to add Sell feature.

4. Add smiles to the chat. This can provoke game performance issues.

5. Make darken a unit tab if it’s not available. You can't send it if it's not available.

6. Add power points sorting to the Beacons. This could make game server overloaded.

7. Give items from Chests that player doesn’t have. We don’t plan to get rid of the random factor.

8. Give rewards for the friends’ levels. This can provoke using alts and there are many difficulties with the rewards balance.

9. Add chat moderation. We have the offensive language filter.

10. Add personal achievements. We have already implemented them as Statues.

11. Add more opportunities to get Soulstones.

- On the current stage, players can receive Soulstones in some PvP events, and get them from the Special Offers. It was initially planned to be a rather rare resource.

12. Allow players to sell unneeded items for Hero.

- We had such an experience in one of our social games, and it appeared that only a very small number of players use this feature.

13. Add the ability to see the exact amount of power in League Fortress.

- It might influence negatively the League interactions. Imagine the situation, that you have a spy in your League, and he knows the exact power of troops that are stationed at your League Fortress. Not showing all the bonuses that affect your troops will definitely help you to avoid such situations.

14. New level of Catacombs, where players can leave their troops so that their League Marshal can take these troops when needed.

- Remember, we discussed the alternative accounts? Implementation of this feature may lead to its abuse by the players who use multiple accounts.

15. Show the exact amount of Balur troops on Beacons.

- It doesn’t influence greatly the game balance. These shortened numbers were designed to be so to save some place, and make the whole picture look better.

16. Occupation.

- Most probably it will be implemented in terms of another change in the battle mechanics. But please don’t expect it soon).

17. Highlight the nicknames of League Marshals and other highest ranks in the League Chat - Most probably it will be implemented in terms of another task, but not soon.

18. Add the button “Respond” in the reports about delivered resources.

- There is a lack of space for such button on the one hand and the difficulty in implementing it on the other hand.

19. Transfer the Item Breaker from the Hero window to Black Market.

- It was initially designed to be there, as it’s the part of the Special Offers that you receive in the game.

20. Personal Achievements.

- We’re not planning to implement this feature to Stormfall: Rise of Balur, as we already have the features like Feats of Valor, for example.

21. Special rewards to the Leagues in the TOP (all time).

- It’s almost impossible to implement, as the rating always refreshes, and there is no set time for it to refresh. 


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