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The new Treasure Hunt Tournament - feedback

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15 September, 2017, 1:11 PM UTC

Hi !

As you probably already saw a new tournament appeared in the game: Treasure Hunt.

What are you opinions about this? Do you like this tournament or not? Is it a good idea? 

And here are the details about this tournament:


You will need to get Collectibles (Barrels) to earn Reward Kits. Barrels come in three rarity types: Pine, Ash, and Redwood. Each type will earn you a different amount of points: Pine (1 point), Ash (3 points), Redwood (5 points).

Barrels can be found in your Castle interface and earned through the following game activities during the Treasure Hunt: 

- Participating in Tournaments 

- Winning battles against your rivals

- Winning at Battlegrounds 

- Constructing or upgrading Buildings 

- Discovering or upgrading Lost Arts

- Purchasing select Bank packages and Black Market Items

- Completing Divine Quests 

- Completing Saga Quests

Reward Kits are granted to players at the end of the event based on their final amount of points. Players can earn all four Reward Kits if they earn enough points during the Treasure Hunt.

Sapphires will also be awarded to players who manage to place in the top of the Rankings during the event. "

Thank you and waiting your replies!!!


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