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I was making a purchase and it changed to a purchase 5X more expensive.

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10 January, 2018, 12:59 AM UTC

I was purchasing two of these.

The first time I tried I got this one.

I bought the two I wanted after getting the one "I DID NOT SELECT and was charged for" I called my credit card and contested the charges. Plarium can take the purchase stuff of the "49.50" package back. It was not what I chose, the one I chose was still there, and the charge came up made for something I had not made.

Plarium has never made 1 thing right for me EVER. I have sent them proof that they never seem to look at and blame me for the mistake. I have lost thousands of troops from their "BUGS" and they have NEVER made a thing right. My credit card protection will make this right and prevent the theft of my money. If their bugs start up anymore I will finally say 'THAT'S IT, I am thru with their theivery, and cease wasting my time with the game." I do not want the stuff in the $49.50 package I show the picture of above since it is not the one I chose (it popped up when I clicked PAY instead of the $9.95 one I HAD chosen!!!).

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Sir Jesse James

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Agent Pavel
10 January, 2018, 9:41 AM UTC

Hello, Lord!

Payment issues are handled individually. Please contact our Support team in the appropriate payment category.
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