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12 June, 2017, 11:22 AM UTC

Stewart_KT1 said:

Oracle said:

One account

Two account you you will banned

Three account go see a psychologists, and possibly a psychiatrist you have issues. 

Why did you feel you needed to answer this giving the same info hours after another Moderator already did? Plus with your usual dribble added as well.

Do you also have no respect for fellow Moderates?

And im also going to screenshot this as soon as i post it so WHEN you change it i will have a copy.

Sad days when you need to keep a screenshot folder.

Moderators have many duties to perform in the forum. and is not only answering questions, improving forum activity is one of them. 

All post that don't abide to forum rules are subject to being edited without notification. I also take the liberty of getting a screenshot of all offenses before I edit them. Which I will then fill in ban form, when one day I ban the offender. 

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12 June, 2017, 11:25 AM UTC

BiohazarD said:

I suppose that would work, but I'd think that kind of thing would be really easy for plarium to detect since it would click in exactly the same place every time. 

Across many accounts. at different times. Plus there are better recorders out there

 I am investigating a league which level up at almost the same pace. have castles building at the same location. 

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