My players have vanished!

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14 March, 2017, 7:01 AM UTC
Hi can someone  help me,, I had sent  a group of my members of the bestiality  on a raid. I first sent my  spies an it showed nothing there, I seen only the resources,   That's when I sent my group to that castle to confiscate the resources,. Well they did an we're coming back to return in like I think 4-5 minutes,,   Well after like 20 minutes I went to do a attack  on some BG's when I go an find out I don't have any of my Bestiality group member's, None.. Can any tell   me what to do to help me in this situation or where to go to,    Its bad because its a huge part of my whole make up group..  a lot are in it  to have them vanish completely,  Please help,, thank you.
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14 March, 2017, 10:35 AM UTC

Lord Laussie

troops cant dissapear by themselves so lets try to find them.

be sure u sent a raid to the castle u spied...maybe u send them into siege mode and the could be garrisoned there. go to keep garrisons tab and check all troops garrisoned in ur sieges.

check if u sent them to catacombs and dont remember u did it.

finally check if you sent ur troops to the bg and if they have died all there :(

so read all reports u got from ur grand marshall to check all u did and see where can they be

hope u will find them safely

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