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Game will not come on after 100 percent loading at sign in

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1 March, 2017, 10:29 AM UTC

just now i have tried to sign in 4 times, the loading runs up to 100% then the message cannot complete "try again later". many times i would not care and then try later, but right now i have my weors protection running out, many trained unit to sens to cats and my resources are high, one of the leagues is more than likely to be attacking me as i sent 26 fb' to them last evening when 1 of their players has been attacking us for 2 weeks and many more of them, he hides behind weors protection after assaults, fb's, raids everytime.   so it is a drag when the game is having a mental block can not complete signin/loading.

 i am going to message the admins with snap shots of everything i loose during this technical glitch, asking for re-imbursements for any and all my infirmary plus newly lost investments

 this type of glitch has not happened often but my timing sucks this time.
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1 March, 2017, 12:19 PM UTC

Hi! Please check this topic with some troubleshoot steps - 

If these steps don't help you, please contact our Support team.

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