League Battlegrounds?

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21 February, 2017, 3:51 PM UTC


Would you like to be able to attack Battlegrounds together with your League Members, rather than alone?

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21 February, 2017, 4:52 PM UTC

I really don't consider this a good Idea.  The BG's are already unbalanced enough as it is with trying to maintain a system of banking them.  To apply league attack would probably modify the bank even further provide less payouts and more troop loss.  Because people employ already two seperate methods to attack battlegrounds, Either Sniping (One shot one Kill) or Nine-Balling (Yellow Lining massive amounts first then hitting them level for level in reverse) either method has already proven to be difficult to determine the payout balance and when the bank is reset.  

It's basically already running like a slot machine.  To provide league attacks to them, would only imbalance them further by resetting the back constantly thus no venture in returns.  And how would distribution of rewards be then displaced.  Between the players.  

IE  you hit a Lvl 24 with 34,000 + your return is 16 dragons and maybe 112 golem,   Now if you league attacked this BG, with say 6 players distribution would result in only 2 dragons and maybe 17 golem per player.  Yet each player banks in 649K before this payout even occurs.  

This makes no sense in the long term would only diminish the return caps.  

When you play slots, they are set to collect a certain amount of coinage before a payout is to occur, normally set by weight factor of coins. and watching which slot is most filled then left you can then estimate approximately how much the player before you put in play a couple of single coin rounds then throw in a full line ten guaranteeing a JP hit. or a payout exceeding input at least.  I know because I've done this in several casinos

The point is the BG's seem to work on similar algorithms, so again where is the benefit of league hits?



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22 February, 2017, 12:05 AM UTC

Yet again another failure attempt on plariums part.

Another 'improvement' nail in the coffin... Soon we will not have to be concerned with plarium's fix for flash,,, there will be no game left.
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