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20 December, 2016, 11:59 AM UTC

Lords and Ladies, if see any suspicious accounts, please report them to our Support team so they can make an investigation and take appropriate measures.

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20 December, 2016, 4:09 PM UTC
The truth hurts
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20 December, 2016, 4:13 PM UTC

IronApex Turok said:

hackers said:

This spoiler can be found in the official group, one of the managers. How many players have noticed, not developed as soon as frost, and direct answers about the gameplay, not that that would have on the negotiations on the subject of cooperation, do not wait. Officially, no one manager is not prohibited, but the response "allowed" - no. How long can you leave this issue in a suspended position? Active players are farmers certainly heard briefly about what the Automator, but no more, and seasoned veterans managers have long been the bedrock. For the active player, Donati with constant minus the content of the army, master cartoons or just a busy person, social management is a godsend.

How tired of these endless exploration, zamylinye to holes trough ... how inconvenient to use official game interface! It was sent many requests respected developers on improving the interface, but only in response to tiresome "I will give engineers sorcerers" ...

this part o their website says that while its not "allowed" the game developers arent going to do anything to stop it. as if they have negotiated a talk with them already?

No, but truth is, Plarium is not doing anything about it. Its not like Blizzard deal with bots in WOW etc. You can't have rules if you don't want to put effort into enforce them. Just do the "please dont do that" and then look another way doesnt work.

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