Bring in 2017 with the ANBU Black Ops! Looking for a Second in command to lead the ANBU Black Ops

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29 November, 2016, 11:38 PM UTC

 After our last pre-adventure i pushed the league up past 100 mil offense and we were a scary sight for all leagues since we continued to grow.

A new adventure has started and the league is empty with a more than capable Marshall.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions. You can reach me at my castle or pm me via forums and i will get more contact info to you. x: 1456 y: 1796

Many High ranking positions in the league are going to remain open for good since this is a old league with the original Marshall so it needs back ups and a lot of people working on operations.

The position could lead to a very close relationship between two leagues with the #2 as marshall of the other or the original.

Everything is negotiable even if you are not serious it would be good to talk and at least try it out.

You can jump straight into it and just do as your told or work it out with me to find another way.

you must log in a few time everyday throughout of the week. if you have obtained the reward for logging in 90 days straight you should be qualified and should talk with me. I have obtained 3, my last was last year. It's been a busy year and a good year for the ANBU Black and it would be a pleasure to have you bring in the new year with The ANBU Black Ops..

If you are looking for a league experience like no other please accept this invite and join us.

Interview and Player resume optional. 

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