MaD Warrior's Recruitment OPEN

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28 October, 2016, 12:27 PM UTC

MaD Warrior's is a sister league to D.a.M. NatioN and D.a.M_SPC,

Due to certain difficulties our league is down to 13 members thus we want to recruit a hell lot of players new or old alike

We are aiming to become a well-balanced offensive*defensive league 

thus we want to recruit players-----------

  • who are active........ like .......... DAILY
  • who understands teamplay or team work ( we dont want LONE-RANGERS)

  • who are active in chat

  • who speak english (MUST)

  • last but not the least who wants to have fun

Common goals--------

  • PVP
  • Battlegrounds
IMPORTANT NOTE::== We are in need of highly experienced players with good profile stats and on or above level 65, so as to maintain the league rankings, players with levels above 70 with above mentioned characteristics along with good captain skills (which are to be decided by me) will be immideately appointed as captains

Here We are a family so as soon as u join us you will have already become an important part of our family , just remember no matter how much we raid or defend at the end of the day we are playing this game to have fun and so treat everyone nicely as will they to u.


Thank you for your time...

May u all have a nice day

-Salamander (Marshal)

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