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Nei campi di battaglia la mia scelte vengono confuse così da perdere l'esercito

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24 October, 2016, 2:56 PM UTC
Oggi è la seconda volta che capita, clicco campi di battaglia attacco e alla fine mi ritrovo l'esercito sterminato perché è un campo di difesa. Francamente non capisco. La prima volta pensavo a un mio errore, alla terza no. E' possibile capire cosa accade, così da evirare di chiudere il gioco. Grazie
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24 October, 2016, 6:52 PM UTC

Dear Lord

i have been testing with several bgs to try to reproduce that bug and havent been able to reproduce it.

i think you are 100% sure how bgs works and which one are offs and which one are deffs, so the only explanation i could find is that u are using full screen mode with last version of flash player. this version has a bug and sometimes  can fail or do another unexpected action. please read carefully this post on news:

it explain the bug i said. However, if you think that is a system fail, please contact Help Desk following this link. they are in better position to investigate what has happened than we here in forum.

next time try to provide a english translation cause is the official language of the forum and the answer can be given in less time.

hope you can solve ur problem with bgs


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