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Raid limits was broken

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6 October, 2016, 11:55 AM UTC
oracle said:

Lady Nerium KT-S2 said:

I don't know where they made that raid, but it probably wasn't on Untamed. The raids are barely worth doing there, given the change in the resource payouts.  The only saving point on the raiding situation is there are a lot of high level inactives showing up now... oh wait, that's not really a good thing is it?

It has become like ahit, how do you make such a decent photo, do you use elements, crop it, or perhaps use an different kind of screenshot software?

Lightshot she used i think
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Lady Nerium KT-S2
6 October, 2016, 11:57 AM UTC
Yes, I used Lightshot. If there is identifying information (names or coords) I move it into a photo editor and mark that out. Don't post player's information.
I think, therefore I game.
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6 October, 2016, 12:22 PM UTC

Lady Nerium KT-S2 said:

Juglar said: 

"Imagine an inactive with a lot of troops in his catacombs and food production negative. his warehouses is going to be full and his barns is goin to be empty so in a moment u can get only iron and gold and no food."

Unfortunately it looks like a lot of these people going inactive are doing so with most of their troops gone. Food is abundant in them.

Its true the most have food over and to find inactive castles with a massive army to eat all the food is rare. The most dont reach this army in the time they played Stormfall. But if you raid player castles or bots in Untamed the raids are unbalanced in the res payout. I NEED to make afterloads that i get the res payout i made in a 50k raid before only that i have a bit more gold and iron. The same prob Lady Nerium and me have are not single problems in Untamed. A lot of players suffer under this unbalanced raids and cant developing or training troops for themselves and their teammates.

And Untamed is not like Dark Plains we have not that population there, In Darks 1k+ leagues we have nearby 400, no teleports we have to take our situations like they are if we sit in bad locations. Only if your members whose make good raids can support you you have chances to survive there.
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6 October, 2016, 6:40 PM UTC
sison said:

Lady Nerium KT-S2 said:

Sison, this was on Dark server though? It was a major miracle I found the loaded inactive I did, but as you can see it didn't do me much good and now I've hit the 50k block and can't try again. 

As Reaper said, you can (maybe) get a better payout from an active player, but they're getting harder and harder to get as well because most are either getting really protective of their resources, or keeping them spent down to zero. If you can't come out ahead a majority of the times on the active raids, then you have to stop because you can't recover the troops without spending coin. My pockets aren't deep enough to keep playing that way.

indeed i never do that to actieve players is damage for us:)
And like you more players feel that way, to much risk to lose more than you get. Every unit you lose are reses they dont carry home and you must replace. And getting revenge raids is most time the answer. If not the single player then their leagues...
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7 October, 2016, 7:09 AM UTC

That I made for 2 months ago in one 50k raid on bots 16k each res

now i get in a 50k this

that is not enough for 1 wyvern...

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7 October, 2016, 8:56 AM UTC
yes this happened to me also in the past the only think i did nt saw is so big amount of iron-gold whuthe food yea it happened to me also :)
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7 October, 2016, 8:42 PM UTC

it happened right now in all severs they deactivate the bots they dont fill in the same speed like before it is a generel prob now.

like that all raids are looking constantly
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