Mafia Special Ops is recruiting, come join us!

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2 July, 2016, 10:29 AM UTC

Hello guys! We would like to invite new and old players alike to come join our new league, Mafia Special Ops. 

We're a bunch of friendly peeps looking for more players to have fun with :) We have experienced members who can train new players and provide support with respect to game tips, resources, scrolls, and defence when needed. Our members are from different parts of the world - some can speak French, Spanish, and German, so international members are very much welcome (For French speakers - please contact Zandoli or JackS; for German speakers - please contact Feisty Fiona; For Spanish speakers - please contact Robindra).

Come and be part of a team that will appreciate and reward your contributions as a member during its take off phase and all throughout our time as team mates :)

To find us, please search for our league name in your Embassy, and message me or any of the Captains and League Leader. 

Cheers! Happy hunting mates!
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