GOA is Recruiting

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12 June, 2016, 1:05 PM UTC

The Guardians of Avalon is actively recruiting new members who wish to join a ranked league where team work is a must and members become part of a circle of friends and family who believe strongly in honor, loyalty and integrity. Our requirements are simple: 1) Must be lvl 60 or above with decent stats, 2) Be 18yo or older (ancient is ok) 3) Must have 1million def put on our beacons immediately after being accepted (must show in stats by the reset of the following day) 4) Be active with daily log-ins; participate in league quests and activities. 5) Be respectful to everyone, in GOA or in the interactions with other leagues and players. and the last is the most important.. HAVE FUN!!!!!! Teamspeak is highly recommended but not required. Contact LadyDominatrix, Jingo, Omac or Spooky for an interview.  Spies and  Alts need not apply.

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