Hamlet battles

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14 April, 2016, 7:28 AM UTC

Hi, how does the maths work?

276 warlock attack 6oo Archers

5 warlocks are lost and 591 Archers go down
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14 April, 2016, 7:56 AM UTC

It's percentages of what is lost

5 of 276 = roughly 2% 

591 of 600 = roughly 98%

So 200k warlocks + 12k archers (roughly)

= 212k total

200k of that total = offense or roughly 93-94% 

5% = archers or defense 

So 96% = defense lost, 576 of 600

5% of 276 = 13.75 

So with absolute base line stats it should of been ROUGHLY 576:14, keep in mind I can't say anything for certain without knowledge of bonuses/boosts etc...

However if we add +20% offense from the item boost and +40% from lost arts to the 720 it is 1209 each warlock, so you would lose without doing the math, I would guess another 20ish archers and the offense would lose roughly 6-7 warlocks which more or less lines up with what you were asking and an estimate of 590:6.

Just keep in mind that I can't see relics/crystals/boosts/paragon/lost arts etc, so I can only give rough estimations of the battle

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