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What would you think if there was a Representative Team?

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25 March, 2016, 11:27 PM UTC

My Lords and Ladies!

I've seen the blazing eyes of players, and I can sense the despair in the air. I noticed people have been talking about the fact that there's a little- or even no direct contact between the players and Plarium which is unfair in my opinion.

My solution to that is as follows:

I thought of making a Representative Team. This team will be chosen players by votes from other players. Moderators, CM's and Administrators should not be allowed to vote on their desired candidates, because that will basically be the same idea as Moderators then. This team should be in direct contact with the Moderators or CM's and hopefully Plarium. The purpose of this team is speaking for all the players, just like how it goes in the real world, at least in the Netherlands where I live. The Representative Team should be good listeners, and should check the forums and regular chats frequently to see if people desire something. Once they actually found something players desire, they should refer it to Moderators/CM's and those should pass it around and see what the CM's and hopefully Plarium think of it. The Representative Team should obviously attempt to persuade Plarium and the CM's/Administrators for their desired idea! Building up powerful arguments, and fair discussions will be taking part in that. So make sure you know what you'll be talking about!

Please, share your opinion on that idea in this topic. With luck, this might actually happen! Feedback is always welcome.

Enjoy the game everybody!

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26 March, 2016, 1:27 AM UTC

This sounds like a great idea should it be implemented. However, I do feel that these "representatives" should not be given any info on what the updates will contain/when they will happen or when beacons will drop so that no unfair advantage is given to any league or set of leagues.

Other than that, I think this would be a great addition and it has been suggested before by players and I am interested in seeing it implemented asap.

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26 March, 2016, 2:35 AM UTC

useless, plarium need a internal care and not other privileged ppl 

Now do not resolve with lowering costs, not solve with representatives, feedback ppl is in all forum but plarium not hear and not see ??

no one salaried in plarium try this game? ah probable play with free sapphire with no cognition  of reality

The truth hurts
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4 April, 2016, 1:34 PM UTC

If you want to vote in players like that, you need to open up for a voting system outside the forums. Because so few players visit and make use of the forum to start with.

How you going to get it included inside the game so everyone can notice and take part in it, that is another tale though.

In Eve they have something similar, that works quite good, but there players does campaign to become CSM reps. And the players vote on the reps they feel represent them the most. This council of reps basicaly speak for the entire player population in meetings with the devs. They even get flown to Iceland a few times a year in direct meetings with the devs.

They can't demand changes to the game, but they have a certain weight and influence in the direction of the game. Me as a player can send ideas and thoughts to the csm reps and they may carry them forward if the interest is big enough.

If you do something similar in Stormfall, Plarium need to aknowledge such a body have a certain weight behind it as it would represent the entire player base. If ideas and such brought forward end up get shoot down or just put a hefty price tag on it. Such a thing will never work, because, you could in one way then have the Representative Team advice the players. to boycout, riot or whatever, because nothing leading to anything.

Its a give and take relationship. We accept we can get this and that, in exchange for this and that feature that come with a price tag so and so.

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5 April, 2016, 12:36 AM UTC

Yes it's a good idea. Been calling for something similar myself.

I doubt it will ever happen as Plarium knows what it wants to do with the game and isn't interested in it's players any more :(
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5 April, 2016, 7:48 AM UTC

At this moment we can only gather players' feedback in our Communities. 

Maybe in the future we will consider this idea, but I can't tell you for sure.
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