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How to join our moderation team?

How to join our moderation team?

Moderators for Stormfall: Age of War wanted
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Sep 4, 2020, 13:5909/04/20

How to join our moderation team?

Interested in being part of the moderation team?

Dedicated community members and loyal players take an active role in helping others. Want to contribute? Read about it below.

Moderation team is a group of select volunteers who advocate for the betterment of Plarium games and services. It is their mission to provide a friendly environment and contribute knowledge, advice and support within our communities.

The main goals of this team are to:

1. Help players with informative, thoughtful responses to their gameplay questions.

2. Maintain a welcoming and supportive environment to keep players engaged within our communities.

What do we expect of moderators?

1. Represent Plarium diplomatically within our communities and other social media platforms.

2. Proficiency in English.

3. Provide a helping hand to our community members.

4. Assist players with gameplay questions.

5. Assist players with technical issues if possible to solve them without help from the Support Team.

6. Process player suggestions.

7. Clear spam and delete posts that contain inappropriate/ offensive language within our communities.

8. Warn/ ban abusive players to maintain a friendly atmosphere in the communities.

9. Educate players about update features and share your own in-game experience.

10. Collect player update feedback and forward it to Community Managers.

11. Share constructive feedback on game features with Community Managers.

12. Forward posts to Community Managers when issues require advanced attention.

13. Report emergency situations to Community Managers after hours.

14. Help Community Managers to reproduce and report bugs.

15. Notice potential new moderators and introduce them to Community Managers for consideration.

Any moderation experience is welcome.

What can moderators expect from us?

1. Close link between moderators and Community Managers.

2. First-hand information and news.

3. Private chats and groups where you can communicate with fellow moderators and Community Managers.

4. Status of a moderator within our communities.

5. Extra abilities and special permissions or responsibilities within the communities (for example, ability to move posts between categories on our forum or send warnings to players in our Facebook groups, etc.).

6. Periodic training performed by Community Managers.

7. A team of like-minded people with a fun and friendly atmosphere.

And much more! Just ask your Community Manager after the completion of your probation!

How to apply?

1. Ensure you already meet the criteria listed above.

2. Fill in this application form ->

3. If accepted, pass our two-week training program, including the final test.

4. Become a part of our moderation team!

P.S. Please note that if there is no vacant spot at the moment, your application will be included in our database. As soon as we need to hire a new moderator, we’ll look into it and contact you if you meet all the requirements. 

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